Untamed Cowboy

by K.C. Crowne

Logan was always the cowboy of my dreams.
Problem was he was also my older brother’s best friend.

My parents took him in years ago.
And I was that awkward girl…
Obsessed with the older hunk living under the same roof.

But then he left town to become a world-famous bull rider.
Now, he’s back like a dust storm ready to shatter my world.
He tells me I’m all grown up and just the woman for him.

Will I regret letting my inhibitions go and giving the cowboy of my dreams a real chance?
Or will we rid into the sunset just like I’ve always imagined?
Guess there’s only one real way to find out.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Bioluminescent (The Mimics Book 1)

by Auryn Hadley

They look like us, know all about us, and can even blend in perfectly. That doesn’t make them human.

When an alien science vessel crashes into the shore of Haven, Hailey has a front row seat. Little does she know that her normal life is about to be turned upside down by the man she bumps into on her way home. He looks completely human.

He isn’t.

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Category: Erotic Romance

Blessed With Love (The Sisters of Rosefield Book 6)

by Emma Easter

The sisters are now wives, mothers, and trailblazers. But God has a final test in store…

After a long absence apart, Trisha, Audrey, and Sienna gather in their hometown of Rosefield, Idaho. Together they’ve survived adultery, depression, and the seduction of wealth. They might have lost their innocence, but they’ve also found their virtue. So what if God’s greatest test is yet to come?

Trisha is no longer a lonely single mother struggling to make ends meet. But just as she thinks she’s found her happy ending, the past rears its ugly head. And this time, the threat is far greater than any she’s faced before.

A devoted mother to adopted daughter Esther, Audrey struggles with a secret desire to conceive. Is this part of God’s plan, or should she be satisfied with the blessings she’s already received?

The Sisters of Rosefield series sees God’s plan reach its final, climactic resolution.

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance


by Ivy Nelson

Elijah Barrett fell in love with a stranger in a nightclub.

After a brief encounter he can’t get this angel out of his mind. But then she walks into his office for a job interview.

Turns out she’s no angel, but the daughter of the man who killed his mother.

His need for revenge has him offering her the job. Lust drives him to take her to Solitaire, the elite BDSM club he runs. Love makes him question whether revenge is worth it.

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Category: BDSM

The Housesitter: An Erotic Adventure

by Victoria Rush

When Jade departs for a long overdue vacation, she leaves her house in the hands of her friend’s college-bound daughter. But it comes with a caveat. The house is equipped with a series of Wi-Fi cameras that will enable Jade to keep an eye on the precocious teenager while she’s away.

Before Jade begins to board her plane, she catches Jenny swimming nude in the backyard pool. But when the girl moves to the adjoining hot tub and positions herself in front of an underwater jet, Jade has a hard time keeping her composure for the rest of the flight.

When she reaches her final destination and checks back in, Jenny is preparing to go to bed when she discovers Jade’s secret collection of toys in the nightstand. As things quickly begin to heat up, Jade soon loses interest in exploring the various attractions of her luxury resort.

But it’s not until Jenny invites a girlfriend over for a sleepover that things really begin to get interesting. Unable to hold back her rising passion, Jade decides to fly home a day early to surprise the sexy girl with a new proposal…

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Category: Erotica

Expectations: A Sequel Inspired by Pride and Prejudice

by Samantha Adkins

Expectations begins six months after Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice ends. As a newly married woman, Elizabeth Darcy agrees to throw her first ball as mistress of Pemberley, a large and prosperous household. Meanwhile, her father writes a strange letter encouraging her to produce an heir for her husband, she welcomes several visitors to her home, and tries to mend broken family relationships.

Georgiana Darcy remains unmarried, but feels the pressure to find a suitable mate. She nearly ruined her family’s reputation with her first choice, can she be trusted to find a proper husband?

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Category: Historical Romance

Closing Night

by Brianna Stark

Patrick Moss was one of us. More importantly, he was mine.
Until he became famous.
He traded our love in for his career, and it paid off.
So how can I blame him?
Me, I live to work.

I’m the resident costume designer at Driven Dance Theater, and I have everything I need: dancers who need me, a steady supply of Americanos, and a healthy obsession with designer clothes.

Who needs love?
I have a reputation to uphold.
At Driven, we’re family.
But now he’s back with those killer green eyes, and the company isn’t big enough for the both of us.
Especially after closing night—and one delicious moment of weakness.
His music may be the best.
Our director may need all the help he can get.
This company may be in serious trouble.
But we had a deal.
That’s why I’m quitting.
Unless Patrick quits first.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

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