Veiled Mirror

by Frankie Robertson

Raised by a father who never recovered from his wife’s death, Beth and Ellie have always been close. So when Ellie’s husband, Chris, dies unexpectedly, Beth flies to her twin’s side to support her through her grief. But Ellie doesn’t accept the sheriff’s finding that her husband’s death was an accident. She believes he was murdered and she wants Beth to help her prove it. Beth is doubtful. Grief drove their father off the deep end, and she fears Ellie may be following in his footsteps.

FBI fraud investigator Jason Blackforth fell hard for Beth at Chris’ and Ellie’s wedding, but he left her as quickly as he found her―undercover work and relationships don’t mix, and he has the bullet wounds to prove it. Still recovering, he travels to their southern Arizona ranch to help Ellie. But what he finds there is more disturbing than just seeing Beth again.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance

Can’t Help Falling: Love Stories with a Twist

by M.A. Harper, Patty Friedmann, Adrienne Barbeau

For smart and savvy readers who know there isn’t always a happy-ever-after, but also know what it’s like to power-dive into love, consequences be damned! Who hasn’t been there? We’re taking about the kinds of romances that might be bumpy, might not always last forever, might even end in tragedy (one of these does), but oh, what a ride! Each of these enthralling love stories is adorned with an unexpected twist, be it a tinge of adventurous cozy mystery, young love in the swampy bayou, the unlikely but steamy duo of a vampire and a hot cop, romance in a pharmacy, or the witty coming of age tale of a nice Jewish girl amidst cultural and historical upheaval. And each is as beautifully written as any so-called literary novel.

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Category: Collections & Anthologies Romance

How to Seduce a Spy

by Catherine Stein

Where potions run technology and passions run deep.

A barmaid with a rare talent.

Paris, 1882. Barmaid and potions expert Elle Deschamps knows a worrying secret: the supply of the magic serum that gives her potions their potency is running dangerously low. When a mysterious gentleman hires her to help search out new sources for serum, she jumps at the chance to earn her way to a life of less drudgery.

A spy on a mission.

Agent of the British crown Henry Ainsworth has a simple directive: end the potions crisis, by any means necessary. Posing as a bodyguard, he joins the beguiling potions expert on her continent-hopping expedition, determined to protect her from the unknown foes who wish to thwart her.

A love neither can resist.

With time of the essence, Elle and Henry must rely on one another to avert disaster. As enemies close in, they find the greatest danger of all may not be to their lives, but to their hearts.

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Category: Victorian Romance

Phoenix Aglow (Alpha Phoenix Book 1)

by Isadora Montrose

Billionaire phoenix shifter seeks second chance with BBW fated mate. Curvy Bev believes Special Forces veteran Lincoln has been cheating on her. How can this alpha demonstrate his fidelity and win his true love back?

Alpha male Linc perches freezing outside Bev’s house. He’s guarding her from the sleaze-ball she fired for stealing, even though his mate won’t pick up when he calls. How can these two reconcile, so he can complete his mission: Marriage and immortality? Action, steam, suspense and humor blend with surprise twists in this page-turning start to the Alpha Phoenix series.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

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