Emerald Green

by Lindsay Marie Miller

I feel him watching me. The boy from my dream.
When we kiss, I can’t breathe. But I’ve never felt more alive.
The past binds us. I have the necklace to thank for that.
Before they kill me, I have one last request.
To be loved by him — and only him.
But my enemy has something else in mind…

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance

Rubby Jam

by Daniel Sadikov

When the life of his beloved girlfriend is in danger, he will do anything to save her.
Eric, a handsome young man, falls for Estie, a gorgeous, free-spirited stripper who likes living on the edge. Her uninhibited world, so different from his, intrigues him, and he is curious to find out more.
At the beginning their relationship is electrifying, but over time, Eric is drawn deeper into Estie’s edgy world and decides not only to observe but to also take part. He dabbles in drugs, but addiction was not part of his plan.
When they discover that Estie’s health is in danger, Eric takes a huge risk to save her life and gets involved in a crime that might cost them their freedom.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance

One Shot At Love

by Weston Parker

Falling for your new boss is the best way to mess with your sanity. Especially if she has an overprotective brother that happens to be one of my childhood friends. And I had to figure it out the hard way.

But she’s so damn worth it. Beautiful and curvy, bossy and rich. The woman owns the room when she walks in. Hell, she owns everything.

And though I try like hell to avoid her, she’s going to own me too soon. I should steer clear and just focus on my little boy, but something inside of me is waking up again.

This might be my one shot at love again.

I hope like hell I’m ready for it.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Because We Fell In Love

by Ian Finn

He’s my bodyguard.
But he wants to put his muscular body on mine and fulfill my every fantasy.

I needed a bodyguard because of a fan that has become a stalker.
But I wasn’t expecting the hottest guy I’ve ever seen to fulfill the role.
We get really close, working out together and going on tour together.
I know I shouldn’t be tempted.
I’m his boss.
There are rules we should follow.
Plus, how would my fans react if they knew I was gay?
But I can’t seem to help myself, and neither can he.

Can our new love last, even though my life is on the line?
Or can I risk it all, come out for the man I love, and get everything I ever wanted?

Because We Fell in Love contains books one through four of the Baytown Boys series, which are full-length standalone male/male steamy romance novels that can be read in any order but due to recurring characters and a shared world, they’re best enjoyed together, and with a big glass of water nearby due to so much heat in addition to all those feels! You’re in luck because all four books are in this one collection. They combine humor, heat and heart, and they have no cliffhangers and very happy ever afters.

This box set contains the following books:

1) Because You Came Back: A Coming Out Male/Male Romance;
2) Because You Came Along: A Single Dad Male/Male Romance;
3) Because You Loved Me: A Valentine’s Day Male/Male Romance; and
4) Because You Protected Me: A Bodyguard Male/Male Romance.

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Category: LGBT Romance

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