Darkest Temptation (Vampires of Somerset 1)

by Nicole Highland

After a lust-filled night, and a deadly mistake, Everett Walker knows he can’t afford to turn another mortal. Now, over a century later, he’s ready to try his hand at love again. But things are different in this digital age as he discovers Ella Wilkinson online. Beautiful and strong-willed, she’s the mortal temptation he can’t possibly resist.

Worried about getting hurt again, Ella Wilkinson is hesitant when Everett Walker pops up on the dating site she recently signed up for. Seemingly-perfect and devastatingly handsome, she decides to reach out, despite the warning signs telling her he’s too good to be true. Little does she know Everett is hiding a dark secret that will forever change the trajectory of her life.

When the two fundamentally different worlds collide, can everlasting love survive?

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Burglary Blues

by Elisa Archer

When he stepped into the roll call room with his fitted t-shirt, two days’ worth of stubble, and the confidence and swagger that earned him a detective’s badge, I knew I was in trouble. Until I transferred to burglary division, I never even heard the name Michael Riley, and now I couldn’t get him out of my head.

I was just a lowly officer. A gofer. A grunt. But Michael chose me to assist on a case. Maybe he wanted my help or just an invitation into my bed. I wasn’t entirely sure. But I was dedicated to the job, even if those ice blue eyes threatened my resolve. If I wasn’t careful, he’d be my undoing.

A string of gang-related thefts plagued the neighborhood, and we were tasked with investigating and coordinating a sting. I needed to keep my mind on work and not on him. He was my partner. I trusted him with my life. But would he shatter my heart?

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance

Take My Heart

by J. J. Sorel

After being arrested for a crime he didn’t commit, Bronson, driven by revenge seduces Ava, who is not only dating the guy responsible for Bronson’s incarceration but is also employed by a wealthy loner who has a heart trapped in secrets, some of which relate back to Bronson. Ava is not only captivated by his considerable masculine proportions but is drawn to the mystery that surrounds him. Although he tries to quash this desire, Bronson soon finds himself falling hard for the sassy-spirited Ava, which only complicates things, considering that was never his intention. Adopted at the age of five, Bronson soon unravels hidden secrets about his beginnings stored away in a penthouse on Fifth Avenue guarded by Ava’s eccentric employer. This opens up all kinds of questions: was his meeting Ava a coincidence, or a plot to lure him there in the first place?

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance

The Marriage Ultimatum

by Charlotte O’Shay

Dead-end job? Dreary apartment? Disastrous love life? Check, check, and check. Toddler who makes it all worthwhile? Absolutely. Juggling work, college, and the care of young Alex was never Sabrina’s plan.
But Sabrina’s dreams are bigger than any curve ball life can throw at her. Her top priority is keeping her small family together, no matter what the cost.

Vladimir Grigory doesn’t believe in dreams. He earned his position at the top of New York’s corporate ladder with his own sweat. His empire is his baby, and he’ll destroy anyone who threatens it. Even the sexy employee who challenges him on every level. When the New York tabloids and the world call him the baby daddy of Sabrina’s son, Vlad believes Sabrina is part of a plot to expose the secrets of his past. He threatens to destroy her future. But since Sabrina has secrets of her own, she has no choice but to agree to Vlad’s marriage ultimatum.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

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