by Jody Kaye

At eighteen the future is uncertain, but Ginny Adair knows one thing. She loves Eric Cavanaugh the way her mother loved her father before his death. She’d remain true to Eric for the rest of her life to regain the stability her parent’s marriage gave her as a child. And Eric’s notoriety as one of the infamous Kingsbrier Quintuplets—or even the fact that his granddaddy left each of the quints more money than God? That means nothing because she knows the real Eric. Yet, Ginny’s not so sure how they’ll manage to stay together when she leaves for college in the fall, and if Eric will still want her four years from now.

Level-headed Eric Cavanaugh has a plan and he intends to stick to it. About to graduate high school, Eric’s marked a clear path toward his future. After working alongside construction crews throughout high school, Eric is the sole quint choosing to stay behind to learn the ropes at the family business. Patience paid off when he went after Ginny to make her his girlfriend. Someday down the line, Eric’s going to make the gorgeous blonde with a heart of gold his wife.

When Ginny’s forced to admit to the lengths she’s gone to keep Eric will her deceit become the roadblock that tears them apart or the stepping stone to a different life neither had imagined?

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance

The Mercenary

by Petra Landon

She’s a prisoner of the Imperial Forces. He’s a nomad with an army.

In a distant corner of the galaxy, Quadrant Five burns in the flames of a deadly war. Imprisoned by the Imperial Forces, a young rebel is sent to a distant space station. Alone, friendless and far from home, she makes a desperate gamble to trust an enigmatic stranger whose hot gaze haunts her dreams. Zoran is Hadari’Kor – fierce mercenaries notorious across the quadrant. Forced to question his role in the war, Zoran must fight with everything in his arsenal as a relentless enemy hunts her. Will a warrior’s quest for justice bring a mighty Empire to its knees …

Author’s Note : A spirited rebel, a fierce warrior, a fiery passion and a love that will alter the fate of an entire quadrant. This is a standalone story – a futuristic SciFi romance & Space Opera adventure.

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Category: Science Fiction Romance



Just when Jordie’s life seems to be working out – the King comes back into her life with an ultimatum. Marry one of his candidates or die. She has only a day to decide.

Time is running out for Jordie.

Will she pick death or take a chance on love?

This is a stand alone novel. 18+ – some adult scenes.

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Category: Fantasy Romance

King Size

by Lexi Whitlow

My one-night-stand wants me to pose as queen.
He’s insufferable. Cocky. And hot as sin.
I’ll say yes to get my family out of debt.
But I’m pregnant.
And this king-size lie is starting to feel real.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

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