Vested Interest

by Elaina Jadin and Bethany Jadin

Being pursued by five powerful men is the last thing I expected. As former marines, they’re used to facing down formidable opponents and getting the job done no matter what stands in their way. Now, they run a prestigious tech firm together. They’re at the top of their game—seductively handsome, dangerously smart, and extremely wealthy. But they’re determined to win more than just the bid for my new program—they’ve set their sights on me. Everything I’ve worked for is on the line. Do I dare let my guard down when the stakes are this high?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Gems of Love Sweet Romance Boxset

by Agnes Canestri

Fireman? Single Dad? Billionaire? Handsome Boss? Private detective?
The Gems of Love Boxset has got it all and more…
Five swoon-worthy sweet romances that will leave you turning pages and warm your heart with their happily-ever-afters.

Loving the Boss – Book ONE
Gambling with the Billionaire – BOOK TWO
Fake-dating the Single Dad – BOOK THREE
Saving the Brother’s Best Friend – BOOK FOUR
Falling for the Undercover Agent – BOOK FIVE

Meet all the lovable but flawed heroes and the witty women who steal their hearts. Pick your favorite, or better, fall in love with them all!

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance

Quadruple Duty – A Military Reverse Harem Romance

by Krista Wolf

Needed: Community Girlfriend for (4) Army Ranger Specialists at incredible lakehouse estate. Wife material. Long term only.

The ad was ridiculous. Beyond ridiculous! Yet for Sammara Madsen, bored in life and unlucky in love? The concept made her stomach do a sexy barrel roll.

After a chance encounter with a gorgeous soldier reveals the opportunity of a lifetime, Sammara goes along out of simple curiosity. Yet when she falls in love with the beautiful mansion as well as the three other handsome Rangers who live there? The idea of being shared between them as their girlfriend doesn’t seem so outrageous anymore.

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Category: Military Romance

Quadruple Duty 2 – All or Nothing

by Krista Wolf

Three years after answering a wickedly outrageous ad and falling in love with FOUR gorgeous Army Ranger Specialists, Sammara Madsen’s life is beyond picture-perfect. Business is booming, her libido is off the charts, and her strong, powerful boyfriends attend to her every want, need, and desire.

In the turquoise blue waters of paradise, a shocking moment leads to the most incredible surprise of a lifetime. But when two soldiers from Jason’s mercenary company suddenly go missing overseas? A sequence of rapidly cascading events could cause that perfect life to mercilessly unravel.

A mysterious enemy in the desert. An ex-Marine, with a hideous vendetta. As Sammara’s lovers are siphoned off one by one, she’s forced to take desperate action – including forging an unlikely alliance with a dangerous enemy – to win back the lives of the men she loves most.

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B is for Boss’s Baby

by Annie J. Rose

He’s my boss.
He’s 15 years older than me.
Against the rules.
My life was already turned upside down.
I’m on my own for the first time after being disinherited by my parents.
Now I have to go and get a crush on my boss.
Six foot plus of blond Nordic hotness, and a total alpha male.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


by Chris Keniston

When Meg realizes the truth about her fiancé, she flees the city — only to have her car break down in small town Texas. Handsome Adam rescues her, and the chance encounter could change their worlds… A delightful contemporary romance from a USA Today bestselling author!

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