Love Painted in Red

by Cristiane Serruya

They will discover that falling in love is life’s greatest risk!

Tavish forsook his military career, after being a POW, to run his family’s renowned art gallery, living a bleak and dark existence. But when he meets Laetitia, a powerful and sizzling attraction ignites between them.
Laetitia, who fled hell on earth, now works as a housekeeper in a country manor and sells her paintings in an obscure gallery.
To preserve her new life and recent found peace, she resists Tavish, and his gallery’s offer.
Laetitia becomes Tavish’s obsession; Tavish, Laetitia’s unattainable dream.
Meanwhile, a man with a grudge plots his long-awaited revenge.

Love Painted in Red by Cristiane Serruya is a sizzling contemporary romance made of loss, lust, and love which will keep you turning pages and guessing until the end!

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Category: Contemporary Romance

This Piece of My Soul

by Robyn M. Ryan

They believe love conquers all

One of pro-hockey’s golden couples, Andrew and Caryn Chadwick live in the limelight reserved for elite professional athletes. On their second anniversary, Andrew receives an unexpected contract offer to join the Tampa Suns. As they look forward to a new adventure, neither foresees an event that challenges their love and threatens their marriage.

Until It Doesn’t.

An on-ice accident threatens Andrew’s life and shatters their lives. Rather than draw the couple closer, each pulls away while trying to deal with internal demons unleashed by the accident. Fear, distrust, and betrayal threaten to destroy the love they had believed could conquer all.

This Piece of My Soul follows the joint and separate paths the couple navigate as each hopes to rediscover the love that can conquer all.

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Category: Sports Romance

This Piece of My Heart

by Robyn M. Ryan

She wasn’t looking for love.

Struggling to live up to the high expectations of overprotective parents and a hefty family name, Caryn Stevens only wants one Summer of Fun before focusing on finishing her college degree. She knows her destiny: to follow her dad as CEO of his multi-million dollar business. But that plan changes forever one day when she runs into sexy and single professional hockey player, Andrew Chadwick.

But love came looking for her.

Sparks instantly fly between the two, and Caryn can’t resist his charms as she discovers that Andrew has a reputation of winning—both on and off the ice. One of the most eligible singles in Toronto Andrew could have any woman he wants, and he’s got Caryn in sights. But, when Caryn’s parents disapprove of the match and threaten to disinherit her, it make take more than love for the couple to survive this penalty play.

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Wild Nights

by Dantessa Stone

I’m a cocky, rich hockey player with more pucks than sense. A Game-player, a heart-breaker. I take what I want and never look back.
I hadn’t expected in a million years to be back in this town. But shit happens, especially with a temper like mine. My plan was to spend a season padding my stats and breaking in my mattress. I’d be out of here in a heartbeat.
Then Sasha fell into my arms. She’s been running through my mind ever since.

After losing my husband to the war I thought I’d never love again. But life has a way of throwing curves balls when you least expect it.
Bumping into Troy was a chance encounter, two strangers passing in the night. A warm body to stave off the loneliness. I should have left it at that.
But a one night stand turned into a string of secret, steamy rendezvous and I found my world spinning upside down.
I want to believe he’s the one. Am I making a big mistake?

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Category: Sports Romance

Enemies of the State, Special Edition

by Tal Bauer

A rogue Black Ops unit with the president in their crosshairs.
A Secret Service agent who will break every rule.
A president falling for the one person he shouldn’t—a man.

Newly elected President Jack Spiers’s presidency is rocked from the very beginning, and he’s working furiously to keep the world from falling apart. Between terrorism attacks ripping apart Europe, Russia’s constant posturing and aggression, and the quagmire of the Middle East, Jack is struggling to keep his campaign promise—to work toward a better, safer world.

For Special Agent Ethan Reichenbach, Jack is just another president, the third in twelve years. With Jack’s election, he’s been promoted, and now he’s running the presidential detail, which puts him side by side with Jack daily. He’s expecting another stuffed suit and an arrogant DC politician, but Jack shocks him with his humor and humanity.

There are rules against a Secret Service agent and one of their protectees developing a friendship—big rules. Besides, Jack is straight as a ruler, and a widower, and Ethan has always avoided falling for straight men. Ethan keeps his distance, but Jack draws him in, like gas to a naked flame, and it’s a lure he isn’t strong enough to turn away from.

As the two men collide, rules are shattered and the world teeters on the verge of war, and a rogue Black Ops unit bent on destruction sets Jack in their deadly crosshairs. Ethan must put everything on the line in order to save the man he’s come to love, Jack’s presidency, and the world.

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Category: LGBT Romance

Adam (Riding Hard Book 1)

by Jennifer Ashley

Stuntman Adam Campbell returns home to Riverbend, Texas, after being seriously injured in a movie stunt gone wrong. He settles in to heal at his family’s ranch, where his four brothers, famous trick riders, train horses.

Adam is stunned to find Bailey Farrell working there–she was the shy girl who’d helped Adam graduate high school so he could run off to Hollywood. Except the budding Bailey, with whom Adam had a brief but intense affair, has blossomed into a beautiful woman. Now the sparks that had once ignited between them threaten to explode.

Adam is beaten-up, broken-down, and has lost his nerve—the stunt that injured him also killed his best friend. The only one he can turn to is Bailey, but will Bailey, who has come back to Riverbend to lick her wounds after a painful divorce, be willing to help him again?

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Category: Western Romance

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