S is for Secret Baby

by Annie J. Rose

We were tangled between the sheets one night.
Seven years later, he’s my boss.
And he’s about to find out my secret…
A daughter that he never knew about.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Good Girl (The Siren Island Series Book 1)

by Tricia O’Malley

Don’t you just hate being called a good girl?

If she was smart, Samantha Jameson would turn around and march right back to the plane that deposited her at a faded hut of an airport on Siren Island. Yet, Samantha just can’t muster the energy to do so, not after the hellish week she’s had. Her whole life has been spent playing by the rules, and for what? An empty apartment, a career with no upward movement, and one failed relationship after another.  When it all blows up in her face, what’s a girl to do but book a last-minute trip to the ridiculously named Laughing Mermaid Bed & Breakfast on an unknown speck of an island in the Caribbean?

From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Tricia O’Malley, comes a brand new series about love, self-discovery and embracing your inner mermaid.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Deadly Chance

by Talia Logan

Photographer Tempest Raines and her adult son are in the Republic of Georgia when he’s snatched by Russian rebels. The US government refuses to get involved, so in her desperation she turns to Navy SEAL Chance Adams for help.

Chance doesn’t recall their brief shared history and reluctantly agrees to attempt a rescue, although the plan, whether successful or not, could end his career.

But even if they manage to survive, when Chance learns the truth, Tempest might be better off dead.

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Category: Military Romance

Witch Trials and Errors – Eight Sinful Paranormal Romance Stories

by Alexandra Noir

Everyone thinks they know about Salem. They heard the claims of witchcraft and the black arts. But, hidden by all the hysteria, there was real wickedness occurring not more than a day’s ride away from the hardened gaze of the Puritans of Salem Town.

Notley Village was small, peaceful, and quiet. At least, it appeared to be. But hiding beneath the facade was an evil that would have shocked a nation… and turned the hair of the goodly Reverends of New England pure white.

The coven that secretly controls the town’s politics has convened regularly for their dark and intimate rituals for years. The members are sprinkled throughout polite society and some believe that what they do is simply for recreation and a way of breaking free from puritanical ideals.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Ignite You

by Diana A. Hicks

A life they both walked away from keeps pulling them back in. Just how far will one woman go for revenge? And one man for love?

Family was everything to Emilia Prado. Until everything she loved most was ripped away. Now revenge is all she can think about. A lawyer by day she plays by the rules, but at night, she hunts the killer who destroyed her life. She won’t rest until he’s punished.

Former mafia hitman Dom Moretti has worked hard to keep that part of his life buried. Except her… Emilia. The one who got away. She’s returned and needs his help doing the unthinkable. He just wants the chance to spend a night or two wrapped in her arms– but is he willing to kill for it?

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance

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