The Fireproof Girl

by Loretta Lost

Sophie was alone in the world until she met Cole Hunter.
Both orphaned at a young age, they met in foster care as teenagers. They formed an instant bond and became inseparable. Years later, when Cole is brutally taken from Sophie, she will tear down heaven and earth to find justice.
Even it means risking her own life.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance


Winter Heat

by Jennifer Lucia

She fought to keep a killer out of jail. Now she’s going to learn to be careful what you wish for…

Kelsey Jones is a criminal defense attorney who keeps innocent men out of jail. She has an unshakable faith that she’s fighting the good fight- until one client isn’t who he says he is. Kelsey changes careers to something safer, vowing never again to be made into a fool. What she didn’t plan on was that client breaking out of prison. Now there’s a serial killer on the loose who has vowed to find Kelsey and make her pay.

Enter U.S. Marshal Liam Sullivan. Humorless, professional- and unbelievably sexy.

Kelsey is thrust into the Witness Protection Program, posing as husband and wife with Liam in a remote cabin. He orders her around and she infuriates him, but they try to make the most of their situation. Can Kelsey and Liam keep it strictly professional or will they create winter heat?

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Category: Contemporary Romance


Karak Warrior

by Ruby Ryan

Something in my brain broke the day I learned of the Karak.

It’s been two weeks since the Karak made first contact on earth, and the town of Elijah, Wyoming will never be the same. Now inundated with UFO hunters and conspiracy theorists, Leslie doesn’t know how she’s going to keep the peace as the town’s only police officer.

So in the end, she doesn’t.

But sneaking aboard Jerix’s spacecraft has widespread consequences Leslie could never have predicted. Jerix faces a devastating punishment for bringing back a live human to the Karak homeworld: three rounds of shifter-fighting in the Karak Sunken Pit!
As Jerix shifts from dragon to wolf to human in a desperate attempt to survive his sentence, Leslie’s affection quickly grows—fueled by the graceful, yet brutal, manner in which Jerix fights in the Pit. Will her Karak Warrior be able to stay alive for three bloody rounds?

And of course, the deeper question haunting Leslie: what will they do if he does survive?

KARAK WARRIOR is the second book in the new Alien Shapeshifters romance series. It’s a full-length, standalone science fiction alien shifter romance book, with steamy love scenes that will leave you fantasizing about your own first contact. And of course, a guaranteed Happily Ever After!

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Category: Science Fiction Romance


Enforcer Bears Box Set 1: Books 1-3

by Zoe Chant

Three thrilling shifter romances from Zoe Chant’s bestselling Enforcer Bears series! Hot bear shifter men fall for their courageous curvy mates while protecting them from deadly danger.

A curvy baker with a troubled past meets a protective bear shifter cop with a secret of his own. When an accident leaves them stranded in the wilderness together, passion sparks…

A curvy artist who fears she’s lost her muse finds a mysterious treasure map. Only a scarred, reclusive bear shifter can protect her now…

A curvy, eternally single librarian falls head over heels for a bear shifter with a wounded heart. His past is still pursuing him, but all he’s ever wanted was a home of his own…

The first three books in the Enforcer Bears series contain steamy scenes with strong bear shifters who’d do anything to protect their mates, thrilling adventures, and a guaranteed HEA for every couple.

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Category: Paranormal Romance


The Daddy Dilemma: A Secret Baby Romance

by Tia Siren

A runaway bride. A secret baby. And a second chance at love.

Ashley left me standing at the altar six years ago like a jack@ss and then skipped town.
All I’ve thought about ever since is getting even.
F*#k me if she had her reasons.
And now that she’s returned, the least she can do is tell me what happened.
There’s no f*#king way I’ll ever take her back in my arms.
It’s too late for that.
But one look at her and my head’s flooding with memories of the good ol’ times.
I’m tempted to make her regret ever having left.
Kiss her all over.
Touch her where it makes her legs shake.
Make her scream out my name.
But there’s just one thing I gotta know.
The kid she brought back with her… is he mine?

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Category: Contemporary Romance


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