Mountain Manhattan

by Frankie Love

I work with my hands in the Colorado Rockies, forging metal into massive sculptures. I’m no Renaissance man–I’m simple–all I need is fresh air, solitude, and an honest day’s work.

When I’m commissioned to install a piece of art in Central Park, I know the gig is too good to pass up. But the moment I arrive in Manhattan, where skyscrapers ruin the view, I’m longing for my cabin on the mountain.

Then I meet Mia and the Big Apple changes before my very eyes. This city girl is working the front desk of the Mid-Manhattan Hotel when I check in and I can’t help but check her out. Dark hair, a laugh that fills the room, and curves that wind their way straight to my heart.

It starts as a whirlwind romance–but it quickly grinds to a halt. Mia’s been given notice at her job and since she’s raising her siblings in the hotel’s basement–they need a place to live, too. Her life is complicated. And I don’t do complicated.

I could survive in the wilderness for a long ass time–but I’m not lost in the woods. Right now, I’m trying to find my way out of this concrete jungle. Only trouble is, Mia is the detour I didn’t see coming.

But she just might be the road that leads me home.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Wasted Heat

by Colleen Charles

Sexy firefighter, Gabe, yearns to win the heart of bakery owner, Ally. But an evil blast from his past has shown up at the counter of Ally’s bakery wanting a pound of flesh along with her cupcake. His sordid history has come back to bite him. And it’s wearing heels.

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance

Ivy: Some Say She’s Poison

by Deidra Green

Ivy is a master teacher and her lovers are students of her game. Their wills she bends to fulfill her own lustful desires and they enjoy every blissful minute of it, until she dismisses them, one after the other, until there is only one… well, maybe two… one has never been enough for her. Taken from the pages of “Woman at the Top of the Stairs” comes the candid tale of Ivy; a woman cut from the same cloth as the father she idolizes. And just like her father, Ivy is a rolling stone, never stopping, never settling. She has left many a lover in her wake, wounded but wanting more. Ivy is poison to some but a pleasurable antidote to others. Dare to take a taste for yourself and see if she’s really poison.

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Category: Erotic Romance

Her Best Men

by Rye Hart

It’s the night before Katie’s wedding – and all four O’Conner brothers can’t help but desire the bride to be.

The O’Conner brothers were my friends.
Camping trips were always fun.
Keeping each other warm with body to body contact.
But, that’s where it stopped.
Because they were my brother’s best friends.
And, I was forbidden fruit.

Now, years later, I’m back in town for my wedding.
And, I see all four men approaching me.
There’s this mischievous look in their eyes.
And, it’s hard not to notice their gaze lingering on my every curve.

I must be imagining it, right?
How can all four millionaire brothers want me?

Then, the craziest thing happens…
I call off the wedding on the night of my rehearsal dinner.
Turns out my ex-fiancé is a cheating douchebag.

Good thing I have four hot men to keep my spirits up.
And this time nothing’s stopping them from living out their fantasies of me.

Will this be the most unforgettable time ever?
Or, will we break a lifetime of friendships if my brother finds out?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

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