When We Were Kings

by Auryn Hadley

One day she was a princess, the next a gladiator, a job, needless to say, a pampered princess was in no way prepared for. But Leyli was nothing if not resourceful—on the first day she killed 16 men and lived to fight again. And in the process, she acquired an admirer—the famous gladiator called the Lion of Lenlochlien. He liked her style so much he started giving her tips. You’d almost think he was trying to keep her alive. And in turn, Leyli was getting more and more interested in living for the Lion.

Soon she was famous herself—as the Wolf of Oberhame. Together these two set out to conquer the arena—little did the Lion know how much more there was to conquer. Leyli did—and she vowed to do it with him by her side.

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Category: Historical Romance

Chasing Treasure: Granite Lake Romance

by Jody A Kessler

Paramedic and Search and Rescue commander, Bodie Everett wants to be more than friends with benefits with Treasure. He’s ready to deepen their relationship. But opening a brewery with his brothers and the surprise return of his ex-fiance make chasing and catching Treasure harder than he imagined.

After spending an incredible and sexy night with Bodie last winter, Treasure can’t stop thinking about her former paramedic partner. But with her unfortunate history of dating, and an overwhelming fear of commitment, Treasure doesn’t know how she’ll react when Bodie returns from Wilderness School.

Can Treasure and Bodie overcome their pasts to create a future together? Find out now!

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance

A Firefighter’s Luck: A Sweet Romance

by Christie Logan

A feisty single mom on her own. A firefighter with a rocky past. Can they lower their guard long enough to let love in?

Luck has never smiled on Dante Ventura. He’s never had a home or much of a family. But when he learns he has a daughter he never knew existed, he’s determined to change his life. To become the kind of man she can look up to. Becoming a firefighter was the first step. Now he needs a decent place to live—someplace he’s not ashamed to bring his little girl.

Brianna Pulaski is struggling to raise her troubled son Tommy. Renting out a room in her home to the newly-minted firefighter would help her financially as well as provide her boy with the role model he desperately needs. What she doesn’t know is that soon after offering Dante a room, she’ll be offering her heart as well. Can her love turn Dante’s luck around for good?

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance

Cry Mercy

by Rie Warren

I thought I knew bad times. The worst times. My dad murdered, the MC that’s rightfully mine ripped apart by corrupt rule. I didn’t know anything about true horror until I met a Tennessean girl named Mercy.

Angel and Mercy, frigging ironic, right? You don’t know the half of it. Blood Legion MC is my legacy, and revenge against me is Mercy’s. If you’re looking for gritty star-crossed lovers in the Crescent City, you’ve found it. Because there’s a damn good chance one of us won’t make it out of here alive.

I’m at the mercy of my menfolk. Mercy . . . ironic, isn’t it? Because my cousin and my uncle show no mercy to me, despite my name. I’m used against my will. I’m beaten and worse when I don’t behave. I have no freedom, only one friend, and no chance of escape even though New Orleans is so vibrant I feel like I could touch the colors.

I fled the compound for just one night. I shouldn’t have. I met a biker called Angel—Angel. He’s blond as a seraph, but big and tall and full of sweet talk I’ve never heard before. Except he’s my family’s enemy.

Angel can’t be my only hope because my kin have vowed to take out him and the rest of the Blood Legion MC in one big Tenn-tucky blaze of glory.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

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