Last Chance To Run: book 1 Slye Temp series

by Dianna Love

Heated suspense turns into irresistible passion in this romantic thriller from a New York Times bestselling author! When a terrified Angel races into the middle of his operation and stows away on his airplane, a primal need to protect the long legged beauty forces Zane to risk everything, starting with his heart. 200+ reviews

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Category: Military Romance



by E.A. James

Captain Kira Winter is a risk taker…

She has no way of knowing that her fame for bending the rules and always getting the job done is about to put her in danger.

What starts out as a simple off-the-books mission turns into a race against time to stop one man, driven mad by his lust for power.

Running from pirates, bounty hunters and cybernetically enhanced super soldiers, Kira and her crew must find a way to win at any cost – the fate of the human race could depend on it.

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Category: Science Fiction Romance



R.I.P. Vlad V

by Mit Sandru

Vlad V Draculesti is dying because of an incident that happened decades ago. Unfortunately for Vlad V, the US intelligence agencies investigate him to find out his true identity, and centuries old life. Will Cat Sanders and vampire friends be able to help him die in peace, or will Vlad be discovered for being a vampire and die in a US Federal research laboratory?

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance


Vampires of Transylvania

by Mit Sandru

Cat Sanders has a simple task: spread Vlad V’s ashes in Transylvania at midnight, during full moon. But in Transylvania Vlad V has centuries old enemies who take her and her friend Tudor hostage, placing them in iron cages among zombies and proto-vampires. Will they be able to escape from the blood sucking proto-vampires and flesh-eating zombies, or become zombies themselves?

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The Duality Paradigm

by Lia Cooper

Everyone knows magic users and werewolves are intrinsically diametrically opposed…

Seattle Police Detective Ethan Ellison, born into a long line of Quebecois magicians, leads a fairly unassuming life working Theft and consulting on magical misdemeanors. He’s spent eight years building a life for himself in Seattle, far from his father’s shadow. He works hard, lives under the radar, and fucks whoever catches his eye.

Detective Patrick Clanahan, beta-heir to Pack McClanahan, is a tightly wired bundle of rage and guilt, still trying to come to terms with the murder of his last partner.

When a human woman is murdered in werewolf territory under suspicious circumstances, Ethan is reassigned to worked the case with Clanahan in the hopes that he’ll be able to balance out the wolf’s rougher edges.

Too bad they mostly just rub each other the wrong way.

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Category: LGBT Romance


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