Real Deal

by Piper Rayne

Red Flags…

Too loud.
Too clingy.
Too much make-up.

I could go on and on. The other guys in the Single Dad’s Club would say I’m obsessed with finding them. But none of their kid’s mothers call a maximum-security prison home either, so their opinions mean s#*t.

Caterina Santora has her own list of red flags…

She’s too young.
She’s my client’s daughter.
She’s my five-year old’s camp counselor.

Even after repeating this mantra to myself every morning on the way to Lily’s summer camp, guess what happens the moment I see Cat? Yeah, that mantra turns into ride me, doggie style and reverse cowgirl.

Every damn time.

The fact that she doesn’t remember me from 6 years before grates on me until I don’t have it in me to leave her alone any longer. When we’re together all the complications fade away and I have to keep reminding myself, even if I can have her—I can’t keep her

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Category: Romantic Comedy


Wait For Me

by Phoebe Winters

A reunion could be the best thing that happens to Erin Sanders or shatter her heart forever. The rumors were true. A few of the towns soldiers were returning from their tours in Iraq including Caleb Malone, Erin’s ex. Caleb only desired one thing. He wants to see Erin, and he would do whatever it took to rectify what he’d done, no matter the costs.

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Category: Military Romance


The Tycoon’s Temporary Twins

by Holly Rayner

Drop-dead gorgeous billionaire Jed Shields needed a baby for the short term. He didn’t expect two!

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Category: Contemporary Romance


Shadow Descendant

by LD Hall

A Discovery of Witches meets Twilight in this mesmerizing paranormal romance…

Naomi Feldman has never understood the strange energy that hums beneath her senses. But when she comes across an ancient artifact that seems to beckon to her, she may finally find the answers she’s been seeking.

Alaric, a centuries-old vampire, lives a solitary life by choice. When he’s assigned to protect Naomi, long dormant emotions stir to life.

Pursued by a dangerous enemy and battling their growing attraction, Naomi and Alaric follow the mystery of the artifact from the museums of Athens, the streets of London, towards a confrontation that will decide the fate of two worlds…

Fans of Charlaine Harris, Deborah Harkness, and Karen Marie Moning will love Shadow Descendant, where urban fantasy and paranormal romance collide.

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Category: Paranormal Romance


A Force of Nature

by Kara Liane

A Kindle Scout winning eBook and standalone novel. A steamy, contemporary, military, romance that will quake your world.

TSgt Brenneth “Brent” Peters moves through life like a storm–it’s just his way. From the moment he met captivating and complicated Everly, he moved through her too. His years in the military have shaped him and led to this path of upheaval and turmoil in love and life. What he and Ev share, though, is an unstoppable force. But can he hold onto her, or will he lose her along the way? Find out what happens when the storm rolls in.
For to love is to consume–it’s just the nature of it.

$0.99 Previously $3.99

Category: Military Romance


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