Broken: A Mountain Man’s Romance

by Mia Ford and Bella Winters

I had chosen the mountains for a reason.
I was convinced that any human connection was a black hole.
Yet, this girl made me want to take that leap all over again and I couldn’t figure out why.

Carrie is a college student, looking for adventure in the North Carolina mountains. She thinks she has everything planned out and is excited about her trip, though little does she know that she has no idea what this trip will entail.

Johnathan lives alone in the mountainside. He is a loner, who has written off humanity, but when his path ends up crossing with a woman who needs his help, he will have to force himself to rekindle a sense of decency, at least for the woman, if not for anyone else.

However, things take an unexpected turn when the two start to enjoy each other’s company and that company eventually heats up.

Can Carrie help Johnathan break through his trust issues to regain his life and carry on within normal society?
OR Is this simply a fling for two people brought together by unlikely circumstances?

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance


by Elin Wyn

A failed heist earned Kara a death sentence. Her only chance is a ruthless enforcer who makes her body tingle with dread … or is it heat?

Davien will do anything to get back into space. The last thing he needs is a smart-mouthed thief – even if her scent drives him wild.

Caring is a liability. Desire a commodity. And love could get you killed.

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Category: Science Fiction Romance

Jagged Edge (The Arsenal Book 1)

by Cara Carnes

Mary “The Edge” Reynolds is the most sought-after back office operative around-the creative genius pulling the ultimate bad-asses out of impossible situations. She’s never failed on a mission, and she’s not about to fail on the most important mission ever-keeping her newly designed security system safe. Relying on others isn’t in her nature, but the newly formed Arsenal is her only hope for escape when she’s kidnapped.

She is the Edge.

The Edge never breaks.

Never quits.

Dylan Mason and his brothers have put everything on the line to form The Arsenal. When the paramilitary arena is rocked by Edge’s capture, he’ll do whatever it takes to get the fearless operative back, but his wary heart isn’t ready to handle the vulnerable woman buried beneath the hardened shell. Getting her back was simple. Keeping her and her “security system” HERA out of enemy hands is another story.

Together they must hunt down the faction behind her capture and subsequent torture to keep HERA from becoming an unstoppable terroristic threat. What they uncover could destroy them both.

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Category: Military Romance

Sight Lines (The Arsenal Book 2)

by Cara Carnes

They took her best friend.

Now she’s taking them down.

Viviana “Quillery” Chambers has one mission: find the people behind Hive’s betrayal and take them down. She and her best friend are the most sought after back office operatives around. She’ll stop at nothing to keep her new team and family at The Arsenal safe. But someone’s put a six million dollar hit on her and ghosts from the past have returned. She’s facing her toughest challenge ever. Now she has a mysterious assassin shadowing her every move. He’s vowed to keep her safe, but she’s part of the Quillery Edge.

They never quit. They never surrender. They never let anyone stand between them and their quarry.

He had one rule: Don’t mess with his family.

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My First Love

by Weston Parker

She was my first. My only. That part never changed. I ran from a life that should have been mine, joined the military, and became someone for the first time in my life. The memories of walking my girl down the aisle to another man still haunt me, though, all these years later. I should have fu#*ing said something then.

We both should have.

A surprise attack on my platoon left me wounded and headed back to an old reality. One where she was all I wanted.

Without her ex in the picture, I’m going full throttle. She’s a single mom, and her little one is as precious as she is.

They both should have been mine, and they will be.

My first love. My only love.


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Category: Contemporary Romance

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