Sinful Secrets

by Taylor Dawn/Multi Author

Ever had a secret you couldn’t tell?
We have…
Devour twenty tantalizing contemporary romance stories that will leave your sheets hot and your reading devices smoldering.
Inside you’ll find sexy, sweet, and deliciously hot stories brimming with sinful secrets.
You’ll stay up all night getting seduced by possessive, dirty alphas who will leave you begging for more, sassy heroines willing to make them work for it, and sweet connections that will have you grinning from ear to ear.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Reaper’s Blood

by Meg Anne and Kel Carpenter

I died for Hostess cupcakes.
I know. Tragic, right?

Even worse, after I came back I still didn’t get any cupcakes.

What I did get, however, is a six-foot-something reaper with eyes like blue fire to guide me into the world of the supernatural. Which, as it turned out, wasn’t quite like the fairytales little girls are told growing up.

Not only is magic real, more importantly, so are monsters.
And apparently, I’m one of them.

But I’m getting ahead of myself here.

You see, four years ago I left my hometown and swore to never come back.

Now my brother is dead and I have no choice but to go searching for answers. Except finding them isn’t easy when the secret society he belonged to is covering it up.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Under His Control

by Mia Faye

Cell phone lost, a karaoke embarrassment posted on YouTube, and puking on the shoes of her gorgeous boss Logan Steel – the otherwise rather shy Adele wants to quit her job asap, but Logan has an incredibly magnetic effect on her. His dominant nature and mysterious aura spark a hot desire, which the virgin Adele herself did not know even existed…

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Cupid’s Wings

by Isabella Corazon

Sophia is a medical student in New York City. She has great friends and a wonderful family, but she feels something missing in her life. After a disastrous breakup, she decides to give online dating a chance and joins the Cupid’s Wings dating app. She meets some crazies, and just when she’s ready to give up altogether, she meets someone who seems too good to be true. Will Sophia be able to push past her insecurities and let love in? Or will she let her dating history ruin her chance at happiness?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

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