Immortal Coil

by C.I. Black

Two souls. One Body. Sharing is not an option…

Terrible news has turned Anaea Salis’s life upside down. There’s nothing she can do to make it right, and the stranger who stops to talk to her can’t help. But when that stranger, Hunter, an ancient dragon spirit, is viciously attacked and forced to transfer his spirit into her body, Anaea’s life takes a new terrifying twist.

Hunter should have known by now not to get involved with human affairs, but there was something about the woman that drew him to her, and he just couldn’t help himself. Trapped in her body all he wants is to get out, except whoever is trying to kill him is now after her.

Their only hope of survival… plunge into the deadly world of dragons.

Immortal Coil is the first book in the Dragon Spirit series.

Satisfy your cravings for an action-packed, sensual paranormal romance and read Immortal Coil today!

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Desired by Dragons

by Scarlett Grove

The ultimate dragon mega-bundle from USA Today Bestselling author Scarlett Grove.

For the first time, 14 dragon shifter stories that have enthralled Scarlett’s readers have been gathered into one huge collection.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

You Don’t Know What Love Is

by P. David Hornik

Lou and Hettie and their three teenagers are on summer vacation at a lake in upstate New York. On the surface, a peaceful mountain paradise; beneath the surface, trouble brews. The couple has tried to bury the ghosts of past infidelities. But in the tranquil surroundings, old desires start to stir, old resentments begin to simmer. Treenie, 17, a sassy beauty, starts to unleash her own furies, hurling accusations at the others. Her twin, Ross, would prefer to just enjoy his affair with a girl he’s met in town. Alan, 15, is a gentle introvert who tries to put a lid on his anger. But that, too, is in vain. After night falls on one deceptively tranquil summer day, deeply depressed Hettie goes for a walk beside the lake, and there tragedy strikes. By the time dawn arrives, members of the family have to face the reality of a supposed paradise that is not merely lost, but completely shattered.

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Category: Historical Romance

Sweet Tooth

by Aria Ford

Drew Liston is everything I have to avoid. Sexy, handsome…a billionaire and way out of my league.
He wanted me once, six years ago. I said yes. I let him break my heart. To be honest, I’ve never really gotten over him.
You don’t ever get over a man like Drew.


I can’t believe it’s her after all these years.
She’s just as pretty, just as sweet. But she’s shy now. I know why. It’s because I had her once and I let her go. Because maybe, just maybe she can still remember what it felt like when we were together. I made her pant and beg and scream my name.
Now she’s afraid to let me get close. I stop in her bakery all the time, try to be her friend.
It’s not the flavor of her cakes and pies I’m there for. I miss the taste of her.
This is our second chance.
Once she lets me in again, I’m never letting her go.
I’m a man who always gets what he wants, and I’m not giving up until she’s mine, once and for all.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Dragon’s Desire

by Miranda Martin

I’m a warrior with the soul of a dragon.
To protect my female, I’ll kidnap her…

The devastation killed most of our population. Since then, Zmaj men have lived isolated and without females. That changed when a ship with human passengers crashed on our planet. For the first time in many years, we have females in our midst.

But some of the new humans fear our species. One of them, a quiet, dark-haired beauty with a fierce spirit, awakens my dragon. When I catch her scent, lust heats my blood.

Tajss is fraught with danger, not only from the scorching desert and blood-thirsty animals, but the battles among its peoples. Sarah doesn’t see the threats that lurk in the shadows, but I do. As second in command of the Tajss tribe, I face the choice of fulfilling my duty, or protecting Sarah. She’s become my world. My mate. I’ll keep her safe.

Even if it means kidnapping her…

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Category: Science Fiction Romance

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