His Muse

by Annie J. Rose

I fell in love with my brother’s best friend.
Only to get pregnant, and then abandoned.
I’ll never forgive Ben.
He left me when I needed him the most.
I’ve survived five years without him.
But my heart still races when I see him again.
I’m tempted to make the same mistake I did back then.
But what happens when I tell him my secret?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

The Governess and the Billionaire

by Miriam Minger

Awakened to overpowering desire, Hannah Flom yearns to discover more about the passion that lovers share. When she sees Cain Thorson again, will she be able to hold her emotions in check? To be as wild and free as the devastatingly handsome billionaire as they play their seductive game for two?

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Category: Historical Romance

Warlord Sky

by Cynthia Sax

No one grounds a barbarian warrior.

Qulpa, a Chamele warrior, lost everyone he loved in the brutal Succession Wars. Flying is the only thing that brings him joy. Serving as his team’s pilot is the sole duty he has left. Then a horrific crash leaves him injured and unable to fly.

The one being who can help him is also his gerel, the female destined to be his. She insists she doesn’t feel their connection. Qulpa is certain his beautiful mate is lying and nothing will stop him from finding out why.

Nayan knows the injured barbarian is her warrior, her one chance at a forever bond. His dominance makes her feel safe. His gentle touch inflames her passion. His kisses scorch her very soul. The tall muscular male tempts her as no one else has.

But she has a deadly secret. If it’s exposed, her injured male will lose more than his ability to fly. Both of them will die. She can’t take that risk, not for him, not for them, not for a lifespan filled with love.

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Category: Science Fiction Romance

Everyone Needs Discipline – Eight Explicit and Erotic BDSM Stories of Dominance and Submission

by Alexandra Noir

BDSM is about freedom. The act of giving and receiving power and authority, and then using it for sexual connection is intoxicating. If these six stories can’t convince you of that, nothing will.

These stories include people discovering their kinky natures while on vacation, in the midst of dark and intimate rituals, or even in Victorian England.

I can’t wait for you to enter into my imagination and find out what turns me on and makes me tick.

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Category: BDSM

Until The Stars Don’t Shine: A Romantic Suspense for Dog Lovers (Silver Screen Secrets Book 1)

by Joanne Ho

When an ex-marine & his highly trained dog are hired to protect the daughter of a Hollywood star, love was the furthest thing from their minds. But when it becomes clear that she is in danger, how far will he go to save her?

Perfect for fans of Nora Roberts, romantic suspense, and dog lovers everywhere!

Kane Turner is a simple man, an ex-marine who only cares about his bike, beer, and loyal dog Bud. Lexi Rockefeller, the stunning daughter of Hollywood royalty seems to have everything but she’s lonely.

Following a series of threats, Kane is hired to protect Lexi yet despite their world of differences they fall in love. In Kane (and Bud), Lexi has found an authentic soul who doesn’t care who her parents are or how wealthy she is, while Lexi is the one person who can heal Kane’s wounds. When Lexi is kidnapped, Kane only has a short time to save her. Can he find her before time runs out?

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance

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