Gold Cage

by Francesca Baez

I’m not a queen, but I might as well be.

Instead of a castle, I have a sprawling mansion. Instead of a kingdom, I have a giant trust fund. And instead of a happy ever after, I have a dark secret.

The fragile life I’ve built for myself falls apart when an unexpected enemy takes me hostage in my own home. Turns out, there’s one thing that money can’t protect you from: the truth.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance

Make Believe: The Drummonds- Book One

by Ariella Talix

After a tragedy nearly ruins her, Lily Drummond moves to Indiana to make a new start for herself.
Once she is settled into the lovely bungalow she found on Craigslist, she heads to the dog park where she meets tall, ridiculously handsome Finn Reilly.
Their chemistry is combustible.
Finn commits to repairing Lily’s broken heart, but it’s not all that easy.
There is a matter of Lily’s roommate and her strange behavior. Just how far will she go to ruin everything?
*Warning* possible triggers, bad language, and hot, steamy scenes.
There is plenty of suspense, humor, and romance, but how much is real, and how much is make-believe?
Make Believe is Book One in The Drummonds two-book series. It is not a cliffhanger and has a guaranteed HEA, but the family’s story continues with Book Two, The Designer. Both are standalone novels that are more fun when they’re read in order.

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Category: Erotic Romance

Double the Luck: Irish Menage Romance

by Roxanne Riley

They say everything’s bigger in Texas.
But these Irish brothers beg to differ.

We have no idea what to do to maintain a ranch. But the truth is, Keenan and I are bored. We’ve worked our ways up in the world and make tons of money in our shared business, and the idea of doing something so wildly different sounds like it could be fun. After all, what do we have to lose?

Well, the answer turns out to be our hearts. When our stunningly beautiful and curvy new neighbor, Delia, drops in with a homemade pie, we’re both swooning. And when she rescues us from an incident involving a chicken and a Pez dispenser, both of us are tripping over ourselves to win hers in return.

But this feisty brunette filly seems to have no interest in being corralled by one of us. In fact, she seems to want both of us to take a ride…

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Darkest Temptation: A Contemporary Vampire Romance

by Nicole Highland

The two most important rules of the Lockhart vampire coven: Don’t feed directly from humans, and don’t become intimate with mortals. After a lust-filled night, and a deadly mistake, Everett Walker knows he can’t afford to turn another mortal. Now, over a century later, he’s ready to try his hand at love again. But things are different in this digital age as he discovers Ella Wilkinson online. Beautiful and strong-willed, she’s the mortal temptation he can’t possibly resist.

Worried about getting hurt again, Ella Wilkinson is hesitant when Everett Walker pops up on the dating site she recently signed up for. Seemingly-perfect and devastatingly handsome, she decides to reach out, despite the warning signs telling her he’s too good to be true. Little does she know Everett is hiding a dark secret that will forever change the trajectory of her life.

When their worlds collide, can love survive?

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Category: Paranormal Romance

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