Third Daughter (The Royals of Dharia, Book One)

by Susan Kaye Quinn

Aniri is the Third Daughter of the Queen—zero royal duties; she’s just a backup daughter. Then a barbarian prince proposes, and if she refuses, the country may plunge into war. So she agrees, only to discover the prince has his own secrets… and that saving her country may end up breaking her heart.

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Category: Historical Romance

Lesson That Taught Love

by G.L. Tomas

Who could’ve thought love could tell you things?

Following in his father’s footsteps, it’s been ages since Kit “Lucky” Parrish left his small town of Wheelwright, Kentucky to serve his country.

Thirteen years of triumph haven’t come without life-altering tours of loss, as Kit returns a different man. Determined to adjust to civilian life while coming to terms with past demons won’t be easy, but when he becomes captivated with an old classmate, his motivation changes for the better.

If only the beautiful and intelligent Rebecca “Beck” Dobson, a girl he’d never known, wasn’t plagued with her own grief and untold secrets.

Is love enough to heal them from their pain-stricken pasts?

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Category: Interracial Romance

Axe to Grind : A dark bad boy romance

by Savannah Skye

The second I laid eyes on her, it was game over. They wanted two million dollars for her, I would have paid billions. Because the thought of another man’s hands on her? Made me want to tear the place apart, brick by brick. She was so beautiful, I couldn’t get her out of my head. But the Capestrana crime family relies on me doing my part and making nice with the Ruffinos, who own this angel. Do I want to risk all that…my family, my business, my life, to save her?
F*%k yeah, I do.

I’ve been a captive of the Ruffino crime family for so long, I can’t remember the last time I made a decision for myself. The most gorgeous virgin they’d ever bagged, they said. The one that would earn them millions at auction, they said. They would line up like soldiers and wait their turn. It was a sport and I was the prize, the Christmas present these hardened criminals couldn’t wait to tear open and play with. Now today, on my nineteenth birthday, the highest bidder will get me…and my virginity. I’d rather be dead than spend a lifetime as a man’s dirty play thing,so tonight? It’s kill or be killed.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance

Fielder’s Choice

by Pamela Aares

USA Today best selling author Pamela Aares delivers a captivating, sensual romance as well as a heartwarming story featuring passion, mystery, and well-won love!
“I highly recommend this series to any readers who love Nora Roberts or Bella Andre.” ~ Book Lover Reviews

BOOK DESCRIPTION: All-Star shortstop Matt Darrington has more than a problem. His wife died, and now he’s juggling a too-smart-for-her-britches six-year-old and the grueling pace of professional baseball. Worse, his daughter is mom shopping. When they explore a local ranch, she decides the beautiful, free-spirited tour guide is premium mom material. Matt thinks the sexy guide looks like Grade-A trouble.

Alana Tavonesi loves her cosmopolitan life in Paris. But when she inherits the renowned Tavonesi Olive Ranch, she has to return to California and face obligations she never wanted. Selling the place is her first instinct, but life at the ranch begins to crack her open, exposing the dreams hidden inside her heart.On a lark she leads a ranch tour, where she meets Matt Darrington. His physical power and a captivating sensual appeal fire her in a way no man ever has, but he has a kid–and being a stepmom is a responsibility Alana will never be ready for. Still…she can’t keep her mind or her hands off him.

When Matt’s daughter goes missing from a kid’s camp at the ranch, Alana organizes the search effort, knowing from experience the areas a bright child would be drawn to explore. As she and Matt work together to search for the little girl, Alana discovers that father and daughter have won her heart. Yet it may be too late for love…

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Category: Contemporary Romance

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