Billionaire’s Accident

by Brooke Shelby

Tia Blues should be happy. She finally found the courage to embark on a new life in the city. But lately, working two jobs to pay rent feels more like a dead end than a new beginning. Worked to exhaustion, Tia can feel doubt pulling her home—and unexpectedly back into the arms of the man she couldn’t forget…

Brent Williams’ work is the perfect distraction from the loneliness he’s only ever filled in one blazing night. When he accidentally bumps into a tired beauty in the street, Brent feels the echo of that scorching passion.

He shelters her, determined to help the girl with those unforgettable deep eyes recover. It’s only when he recognizes her as the woman he once claimed that Brent realizes love might heal him, too.

Conflicted, Tia is torn where her heart lies. Should she leave him before he can leave her again? Or can she trust the home her body finds in his?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Rock Bottom Girl

by Lucy Score

Marley gets a second chance to right the wrongs of her teenage years when she accepts a temporary teaching/coaching job at her old high school. Not much has changed in her hometown. Her nemesis is still evil. Her ex-boyfriend is still swoony. But the senior class bad boy is now the tattooed teacher of the year and he’s got a proposition for her.

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Category: Romantic Comedy

The Perfect Match

by Annie J. Rose

She asked me to pretend.

She had no idea who I was.
She offered me a thousand dollars to pretend to be her boyfriend for one day.
I have millions of dollars.
I own restaurants all over the world.
My TV show is about to premiere.
What I don’t have is a woman like her, wild and impulsive and fun.
It would never work out.
She’s dodging her domineering mogul mother and trying save her own app start-up.
Her life is too crazy and I don’t have time for drama.
The next thing I know, I’m flying a helicopter down the coast to rescue her.
Once I have her in my bed, there’s no way I’m letting her go.
She thinks it’s a mistake.
I always get what I want, and I’m going to make her mine.
No more pretending.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

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