Echo Canyon Brides 1-3

by Linda Bridey

Immerse yourself in the first three stories in the Echo Canyon Brides series that critics describe as “a spellbinding blend of romance, mystery, adventure, action and humor.

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Category: Western Romance

The Man From Nowhere

by Susan Leigh Carlton

Penelope wanted a cowboy.
Charlie wanted to be a test pilot.
When his plane goes down Charlie ejects himself just in time only to fall through a time warp.
Captured by Indians, and delivered to Penelope, he’s cared for until his injuries heal.
When it’s time for Penelope to head back east, her train is derailed, and this time Charlie is the one saving her.
Is it love or mere circumstances that brings them together? Can Charlie adapt to his new surroundings? Will Penelope open her heart to more than just gratitude and concern? Find out now in The Man From Nowhere.

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Category: Historical Romance

I Won’t Marry You

by Susan Leigh Carlton

Rebecca has loved Thaddeus since she was fifteen. Her father’s shocking schemes have made her feel tarnished and unworthy. As much as she loves Thaddeus, why would he marry her when he finds out what happened?
A gunsmith, Thaddeus considers himself to be too far beneath her station to be her husband and moves with his family to Montana Territory.
How can they find each other when they’re so far apart? Will they even see each other again? Will he even want her? Can she marry a man who is just a gunsmith?

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by E.S. Carter

A tale of grief, loss, love, and second chances from the internationally bestselling author, ES Carter.
I’m sorry for your loss.
Why do people say that?
When someone you love is taken from you, when a part of you dies along with them, you haven’t lost them like you would your car keys or mobile phone. They aren’t stuck down the side of the sofa or left in the ignition of your car for you to find later. You haven’t absentmindedly put them somewhere and forgotten. You will never lose them because they live in you.
The soul-crushing hurt that burns your lungs with every breath you take comes from knowing where they are and not being with them.
The ugly and real definition of grief is being left behind.
I’m sorry they left you.
I’m sorry you are alone.
I’m sorry it hurts to breathe.
Loss; it doesn’t even compare.
She was my first love.
She is my last love.
I am an empty husk who pretends to be filled with enough love for those of us she left behind.
Our little girl and newborn son need me.
I am both mother and father now.
I am hollow and empty.
I am a shell.
So why does the girl with the face of an angel and eyes that mirror my emptiness, look at me like I’m her everything?

*Book #6 in the ‘Love by Numbers’ series. Can be read as a standalone.*

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Category: Contemporary Romance

The Sex Clinic: An Erotic Adventure

by Dean Wilder

When straight-curious Ryan sees an ad on his college bulletin board looking for sex study participants, his interest is piqued. The study description indicates that subjects will be exposed to a variety of sexually-stimulating scenarios while his arousal level is carefully monitored.

When he arrives at the lab for the first phase of the experiment, he’s surprised when the study administrators connect the measuring equipment directly to his genitals. As the media begins to stream in his closed cubicle, he gets more and more aroused listening to the titillating descriptions and can’t stop himself from climaxing during the final scene.

During the next session, his arousal level is ratcheted up another notch while he’s presented with hot videos of various men and women engaging in heterosexual and gay sex acts. As the cute study administrator monitors his reaction from an adjoining room, Ryan can’t stop touching himself when one of his favorite porn scenes shows a young straight man having his first gay experience.

Just when he thinks the viewing can’t get any more intense, during the final stage of the study he’s exposed to real couples having live sex in front of his window. When the final scene depicts his ultimate fantasy, he breaks the study rules and has a powerful climax as the measuring needle spins off the chart.

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Category: Erotica

Woe for a Faerie

by Bokerah Brumley

Vengeance always has consequences.

Woe is a fallen angel, sentenced to mortality for an unforgivable violation of angelic code. Cast down to the streets of New Haven, she is rescued by Fae prince Arún, who delivers her into the care of Jason, a local balance keeper.

As the dark and brooding Jason coaches Woe on the intricacies of being human, she discovers a rush of new and exhilarating feelings that are difficult to ignore, compounded by the always timely arrival of her Fae hero-savior.

Jason comes face-to-face with his humanity, torn between his desire for Woe and his vows to keep New Haven safe.

Arún finds himself drawn to Woe and to the destiny he does not want, further testing his loyalty to the kingdom of his birth.

As an unseen enemy circles ever closer, Woe is forced to choose between them, and the fate of worlds hangs in the balance.

Join the Keepers of New Haven as they fight to maintain the balance between good and evil in a paranormal world where nothing is as it seems.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

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