A Cowboy’s Destiny

by Vicki Lewis Thompson

City slicker to cowboy? No way!

Although Scotsman Aleck McGavin dons boots and a Stetson during his brief visit to Eagles Nest, Montana, he’s not ready to start riding and roping. He’s a lawyer, not a cowboy. But before he can say quid pro quo, he’s mucking out stalls and wrestling hay bales. Even more worrisome, he’s falling under the spell of bartender Tansy Emerson’s big brown eyes…

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Category: Western Romance


by Rina Kent

He’s madness and I’m tired of being sane.

I watched him. Studied him. Became obsessed with him.
Doctor Dominic is a social anomaly. A monster in plain sight.
A sociopath.
Beneath the expensive clothes and well-crafted facade lurks a predator who’s searching for his next prey.
It fascinates me how he manipulates everyone and everything with a blinding smile on his face.
I got caught.
Now he wants one thing. Me.

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Category: Erotic Romance

Hot Summer Lovin’

by Ali Parker

She’s looking for change. I’m looking for my next score.
I’m the guy fathers warn their daughters about.
Even when I’m trying to escape it, it finds me.
The sinfully beautiful new girl in town is after a summer fling.
If she knew I robbed banks in my spare time, she might run the other way.
As she should, if she knew what was good for her.
But lucky for me, she’s only focused on one thing.
Our budding love affair.
It’s a distraction I can’t afford. Life hasn’t ever been easy for me, but I make it bend to my will.
Just like I’d like to make this new woman do.
Best part of it all? She ends up with my baby.
Worst part? She keeps it a secret. But us thieves have a way of finding these out.
Looks like we might be up for more than just hot summer lovin’.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

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