Tiger Lily Trilogy: The Complete Series

by Amelie S. Duncan

With a past like Lily Salomé’s, there’s not much that surprises–or scares her. So when her boss gives her a challenging proposal, she jumps at the opportunity to do the impossible: persuade one sexy and brooding business mogul to sign with their publishing company.

Easier said than done…

Jonas Crane doesn’t return phone calls. Forget about securing a meeting. He’s just not interested.

But when a pretty publishing assistant with a true love of intellect and literature approaches him, Jonas doesn’t seem quite so resistant. As the two begin a blossoming companionship, obstacles arise, challenging everything they’ve worked for. Is the smart, mouthwatering billionaire just too out of Lily’s league?

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Category: Erotic Romance

My Dad’s C*cky Assistant

by Lily Vixen

Chemistry this sinful can’t be ignored.

Attractive, workaholic Joshua is ready to call it a night, even if it’s almost nine in the evening. But before he gets a chance to go home and crash, he lays eyes on the most mesmerizing creature he’s ever seen. Now he can’t stop thinking about her; naked in his bed while he does savage and exquisite things to her. The only problem? She’s his boss’s daughter.

The last thing Alexa wanted tonight was to spend another boring evening waiting for her father to finish one last conference call. Whose fault was it he chose to do business with people in a different time zone? But when she finds a sexy employee in the office copy room, it seems her night might not turn out to be that boring after all. Especially when her father insists Joshua take her out for a quick bite.

What starts out as an innocent dinner leads to more than either of them secretly hoped for. But is this forbidden attraction between Alexa and Joshua insta-love or just insta-lust?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

The Dashing Widow

by Elizabeth Bramwell

Abigail Merriweather is learning the hard way that the Ton does not look kindly on newcomers to its ranks – especially when that newcomer is a dashing young widow whose wealth comes from the trades. Were it not for the gentle guidance of her best friend, Abby doubts she would have survived the Beau Monde’s disapproval for even a week – and especially not the critical gaze of the Earl of Gloucester. The man is insufferable, arrogant, and everything that Abby hates about the Ton – except those rare moments when he laughs, and Abby’s heart starts to beat in a most uncomfortable rhythm.

George, Earl of Gloucester, is horrified at the scrapes his sister’s best friend keeps falling into. True not all of them are her fault, but that doesn’t change the fact that her actions reflect poorly on his family. Since Mrs Merriweather doesn’t have any intentions of leaving London before the Season’s end, there’s nothing for it but for George to step in and help her navigate the treacherous waters of the Ton. She’s impulsive, tempestuous, headstrong and willful; in short, everything that he claims to dislike in a woman… except after spending time with Abigail Merriweather, he’s starting to wonder whether her faults are what make her so endearing.

Abby and George may be developing a strange sort of friendship, but they come from different worlds that are not entirely compatible. The real question is whether they can get past their own prejudices – and the interference of their friends and family – to find out whether an arrogant Earl and a dashing young widow can fall in love without creating a scandal.

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Category: Historical Romance

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