A Perfumer’s Secret

by Adria J. Cimino

Zoe inherits a perfume scent that could be the key to revealing her mother’s long-lost family and hidden past. It also might give her the edge she needs to win a prestigious fragrance contract—and defeat her rival, a passionate Frenchman named Philippe, once and for all. But when the formula is mysteriously stolen, Zoe embarks on a life-changing quest to reclaim her legacy.

Set in the fragrant flower fields of Provence, the “wonderfully drawn cast of characters” (Anne Girard, author of Madame Picasso) in this “beautifully written” (Readers’ Favorite) saga will send you on a sweeping trek across the South of France.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Brody Judge (Heartbreakers & Heroes Book 5)

by Ciana Stone

A Cotton Creek SEAL romance.

Brodie’s come to Cotton Creek simply because he has a lot of leave time, and the new training facility that was built in the same county is about to have a two-hundred foot climbing tower. There’s little Brodie likes more than free-climbing and he’s agreed to train a new batch of recruits. It’ll give him some down time to maybe work on an engine, visit with friends and if lucky, find a pretty lady to enjoy some time with.

What he never counted on was being thrust into the middle of a tantalizing and sexy mystery. A mysterious woman runs the obstacle course of the training center every morning before dawn and she kills it. Brodie is a true sucker for a mystery, not to mention gorgeous red-heads. So, naturally he’ll have to catch this mysterious beauty when she’s on one of her morning challenges with the course.

That’s going to open a Pandora’s box he never imagined.

Things are about to get downright exciting in Cotton Creek.

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Category: Military Romance

Royal Arousal: A BBW & Royal Romance

by Lana Love

What good is the world at your feet if you’re bored with the world?
Dared by my friends and bored with dating appropriate society women, I invite a sexy and curvy waitress to be my date for the upcoming gala of the year.
She’s feisty and doesn’t care that I’m the future King of Roquefleur.
I’m not used to being challenged by a woman.
Turns out, I like a challenge – especially one in a curvy little package that sets my fantasies on overdrive.
Sophie is definitely not boring.
The more she challenges me, the more I want to claim the spectacular curves of her body as mine forever.
I can’t wait to see the look on my uptight Father’s face when I bring an unknown American to the gala.
This is going to be an affair to remember.
This is a flirty and dirty novella, guaranteed HEA, no cheating. Do you have your tiara?

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Category: Erotic Romance

Sweet Solace

by Alexa Padgett

Asher’s whiskey-rough voice made him a star, but fame extracted its price. His once muse is now a widowed mother and a reclusive writer who’s given up on happy endings—in part because he shattered Dahlia’s heart when he wrote a song for her…and then vanished.

Dahlia’s career is on the rocks. Asher’s family is falling apart. Neither can chase a passing attraction. But the connection between them is too fierce and much too precious to resist. Will they be able to forge a bond stronger than past betrayals and youthful mistakes?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

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