One Rule

by Ava Moreau

I had one rule: No men. Focus on my career now, focus on love later. Much later.

But a trip to my hometown threw me into the path of two gorgeous men from my past. Now I have to choose: Obey my one rule, or be tempted into breaking it…twice.

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Category: Erotic Romance

The Royal Scepter

by Cherise West

Meet Estefan; rich, powerful, and so gorgeous you breathe a little harder just seeing him. Oh, and did I mention, The PRINCE of an entire country?

I’ve heard the stories… and they aren’t fairy tales. Estefan makes hearts melt; he makes bodies beg for him. Every princess sweats at the thought of bedding the hottest heir on the entire planet. But he’s the dangerous type. The type who takes what he wants – and who he wants – whenever he wants. The type who likes collars, cuffs, nibbles and moans until the break of dawn; dirty-talking at the royal ball, playing dirty under the banquet table at a royal dinner.

Yet, somehow, he finds me, Erica, at a Royal Date Auction, and he’s whispering hotly into my ear and promising to do all the tantalizingly filthy things with me I’ve always dreamed of. He wants me to bear his beautiful royal heir and rule beside him, as his dirty young queen. With a soft gasp, I tell him he can have absolutely all of me.

There’s just one problem.

I’m not a princess. And by the royal laws, that could get us both thrown in jail – forever.


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Category: Contemporary Romance

Love Accidental

by Tia Siren

I’m her billionaire boss.
She’s the woman who stole my heart.
Our love was accidental. So was our baby.
But no one’s going to stop me from taking what’s mine.

I didn’t see this coming.
And then Kendall Adams entered my office.
All curves and long legs in a tight pencil skirt, her green eyes begging me to take her.
She didn’t think I knew who she was.
But damn, I had to find out her secret.
So I hired her as my PA and kept her close – 24/7.
Mine to control by day.
Her luscious body to command by night.
Every. Single. Night.
Keeping my heart out of this arrangement isn’t easy.
I never expected to feel this way.
She’s in trouble.
Whoever these b@stards are, I’m going to take them down.
I’ll use all my power and wealth – even break bones – to protect what’s mine.
Especially now that I’m going to be a daddy…

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Seven Brothers and A Virgin

by Ember Cole

They say I’m Texas royalty.

Well, this princess needs a damn break.

And an orgasm or ten.

Which is why I’m standing on the doorstep of Broken Creek Ranch in the middle of a thunderstorm, determined to ditch my virginity before my father marries me off to one of his filthy rich business partners.

My plan? Pick one of the Maddox brothers to do the deed.

But that was before I came face to face with seven of the sexiest men I’ve ever seen.

I’m desperately attracted to each of them. Even oldest brother, Vance, who’s dead set against my plan. He says I’m too young. Too innocent.


Fortunately, his brothers invite me to stay and play before choosing who will take my innocence, but how can I pick? More importantly, will I even get the chance? Because there’s no way my father’s going to let me go…

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Category: Erotic Romance

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