Not Over You

by Amanda Torrey

She’s running from a painful past. Can he catch her and help her heal?

When Savannah returns to her hometown in hopes of donating bone marrow to her estranged mother, her high school boyfriend knows he will only have a short time to help Savannah realize she should stay in Healing Springs. Where she belongs. With him.

Savannah prefers to lace up her running shoes, but Quentin is determined to help her settle in for the long haul.

Can a decade of pain be healed with a healthy dose of love? Or will Healing Springs fail to live up to its legendary name?

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Category: Contemporary Romance


Entangle Me – Sydney

by Maggie Way

Lacey Ryan’s perfect life was well underway, until a betrayal blindsides her and changes everything. So the last person she expects to come to her rescue comes crashing back into her life.

Tristan Keys. Arrogant. Cocksure. Downright irresistible.

The delicious bad boy from her past offers her a fresh opportunity- first class flights, the chance to see the world, and maybe a little harmless flirtation while she’s at it.

Only there’s one glaring problem: Tristan happens to be her brother’s best friend.
And if she says yes, he would become her new boss…

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Entangle Me – Amalfi Coast

by Maggie Way

After being betrayed by the love of her life in the worst possible way, Lacey Ryan gets the opportunity of a lifetime – to plan her old friend’s big wedding day in the sumptuous Amalfi Coast. Less than eager to help plan the celebration that ended up for her in ruins, Lacey is joined by her overzealous best friend, Gabe Sasse, who is more than eager to poke comments at Lacey’s tumultuous love life.
The latter of which is exacerbated with the introduction of the foreign hunk, Matteo Di Lorenzi, a photographer who wants to take shots both of the beach and with Lacey behind closed doors.

Explore the beautiful Amalfi Coast in this sexy sequel of Entangle Me.

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Vampire Vlad V (Vlad V Bk 1)

by Mit Sandru

Meeting a vampire isn’t something that happens every night, even on the New York City subway. But never in her wildest dreams did Cat Sanders, a young professional, ever expect to meet the vampire Vlad V Draculesti and survive the encounter. Instead, she became his confidant. Why was she so lucky?

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Category: Paranormal Romance

R.I.P. (Vlad V Bk 2)

by Mit Sandru

Vlad V Draculesti is dying because of an incident that happened decades ago. Unfortunately for Vlad V, the US intelligence agencies investigate him to find out his true identity, and centuries old life. Will Cat Sanders and vampire friends be able to help him die in peace, or will Vlad be discovered for being a vampire and die in a US Federal research laboratory?

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