Queen’s Move

by Nikita Slater

A #1 International Bestseller in Organized Crime and kidnapping! Queen’s Move is a standalone dark mafia romance novel.

Born to the mob, abused by the mob, Vee is queen in a beautiful and brutal city. She leads her organization with cool logic, passionate loyalty and an iron will. The Gentleman Butcher is a legend in the mafia for his efficient, gruesome and relentless takeovers. He will capture the furiously independent mob queen and force her to submit to his rule. As they come together, this explosive couple will set fire to a city, a country and everything in their path.

$0.00 Previously $3.99

Category: Contemporary Romance

The Nerd Who Loved Me

by Vicki Lewis Thompson

Night after night, mild-mannered accountant Harry Ambrewster sits in the back of the room, admiring Vegas showgirl Lainie Terrell from afar. She’s got it all—looks, brains, a kind heart, and Dexter, one of the smartest four-year olds he’s ever met. Sure, Harry would love to be the one who makes her swoon, but she’s never shown any interest in dealing him in.

When Lainie’s crazy ex shows up at her apartment in a rage, demanding to see his son, she turns to her trustworthy neighbor Harry for help. He offers his mother’s security-enhanced home as a safe haven for Dexter while he and Lainie slip out of town, posing as newlyweds checking out a Sedona timeshare. But fate calls their bluff when their platonic relationship morphs into red-hot passion. With her ex hot on their trail, they’ll have to play their cards close to the vest. Because losing isn’t an option…

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Must Love Hogs

by Xavier Neal



And apparently a pig parent in a custody battle…

Olivia “Ollie” Steele isn’t expecting to take care of the pet pig her ex boyfriend randomly leaves behind, but when a handsome, green eyed stranger comes by demanding custody, she absolutely refuses to let go of her new pink pal. Never mind that she lives in a downtown city apartment or that she’s not sure if pigs are on the approved pet list. Her stubbornness causes the two of them to start an unusual friendship. Before either has a chance to overthink the many, many reasons why they shouldn’t fall in love, they do.

Can these two opposites make it work or will Ollie end up exactly where she started?



And a pig parent in a custody battle.

$0.99 Previously $3.99

Category: Romantic Comedy

Accidental Knight

by Nicole Snow

I inherited a husband. Drake Larkin.
Hulking protector. Broody enigma. My own personal ruin.
Grandpa’s will says I’m in for six months “married” to Mr. Grump-alicious.
But when the truth spills out, why does Drake seem like my white knight?

$2.99 Previously $3.99

Category: Contemporary Romance

Main Squeeze: A Single Mom Love Story

by Weston Parker

Leave the family fortune for love? Heh. Not a chance.
But I gotta get away for a while. A small coastal town.
The single mom I meet there is everything I want, but she’s not going to be accepted by my family.
Time to become her main squeeze.

$0.99 Previously $3.99

Category: Contemporary Romance

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