Hologram: The Provocation of Detective Brooks

by Nancy Miller

Detective Fallon Brooks is about to put the ‘case closed’ stamp on a fiery plane crash which took down Holotech Corporation corporate officers Dante Burke and Niles DeMortaine when a mysterious USB drive arrives in his mailbox. A USB containing information that could change the trajectory of the entire case. Brooks decides to give the case another look. In what appears to be a bizarre coincidence, Samantha Bowman, comely wife of the third Holotech partner, mistook her husband for an intruder and shot him on precisely the same day the plane went down. As Brooks digs deeper, he starts to wonder what exactly went down that day in LA, and if he can set aside his ever-increasing attraction to the oh-so-lovely Samantha Bowman and find out what really happened that fateful day.
A romantic suspense-thriller packed with twists and turns and a touch of erotic spice!

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance

Reckless Love

by J. Saman

I let her slip through my fingers…
No, that’s a lie. I was reckless and pushed her away.
I was never supposed to fall for her. She was my tutor. My best friend. My fantasy. I tried to stay away. I failed.
Then we graduated and everything changed. All I needed was a step back. A moment to breathe… And by the time I came up for air, she was in the arms of another man.
Four years later, everything is different. And when I see her again, I remember why I should have never let her go in the first place. But second chances don’t always come easy. Even when you’re determined to get them.

It started on day one…
New school. New life. And there he was, the boy I grew up with, walking up the steps of my very first class. Except now, the boy from my memories was gone, and his place was an Adonis of a man.
It didn’t take much for me to fall for him. Even though I knew we were doomed from the start. But when you find something that perfect, you don’t second guess it.
Until it ends.
Four years later, he’s back. Steamrolling through my life like he never broke my heart to begin with. Only this time, I’m older, wiser and know that second chances are the stuff of fairytales.

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Category: New Adult & College Romance

Evalle and Storm: Belador book

by Dianna Love

From New York Times bestseller Dianna Love’s Beladors: To bond or not to bond should be a simple question, but nothing is ever easy in the life of this particular Skinwalker and Belador couple. Investigating a strange death in unfamiliar territory threatens to rip them apart forever as Storm tracks a predatory majik killing in the cruelest ways and Evalle makes a dangerous gamble to save what’s left of her disappearing preternatural powers … and herself.

“WOW! High energy action and suspense this story will keep you on the edge of your seat from the first page to the last.” Goodreads

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Tempt Me Forever

by Brenda Ford

Being with him would wreck havoc!
Angelo is filthy rich.
Always suited.
And stares at me with his piercing blue eyes all the damn time.
He’s everything I need.
And I want him in my bed.
But he’s also taken.
His girlfriend is a cheating piece of sh*t.
Angelo deserves better.
But I’m not the right woman for him.
“A rock band drummer dating a billionaire!”
That in itself sounds like a joke.
And also like an unattainable fantasy.
In this life,
We’re not supposed to be together.
But as luck would have it..
Our two worlds collide.
It causes an explosion… and a ton of drama.
And now, he’s down on one knee.
Do you think I should say yes?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Say Yes

by Linzi Basset

Alexis Moore is between a rock and a hard place. Literally.
After her car wraps itself around a tree (blame Dora, the GPS), Alexis is looking for shelter in the woods. While running from plenty of sinister things, she runs smack into the most dangerous thing in these woods—a wild man, no less.
Okay, so he isn’t exactly wild. He lives in the woods; is built like an oak; has long, luxurious hair; a killer beard and too many abs to count. The only thing standing between Alexis’ lust and his modesty is a tiny towel wrapped around his sinful body.
Somebody needs to save this guy. Not a chance in hell.
Noah Harris doesn’t need too much persuasion to offer his beguiling guest a bed—his bed, for the night; although, there isn’t much sleeping involved.
In the light of the day, things get even more convoluted. But nothing is going to stop Noah from claiming this gorgeous wood nymph for himself . . . and his best friends, Mason and Logan. Alexis is in for one of hell of a debauched ride, to say the least.

Will Alexis say yes?

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Category: Erotic Romance

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