One More Night #1

by Ali Parker

Music is my escape.

My band, Destitute, has never had an easy road to the top. It’s been a fight, a hustle, a struggle every step of the way, but we did it.

We’re the biggest band in all of LA. No one can take that from us. Not even the demons in our past.

Most of the f*&kers walking around these streets perceive me as arrogant and wild, but I worked hard to earn those stigmas.

It’s all part of the game.

Women come and go like the wind. None of them looking for love, but lust, fame – my money.

But who could blame them? A cold-hearted bastard like me deserves what he gets, until her.

Our new PR agent shakes me to the core of my being, wakes me up, forces me to feel things I thought were long gone.

I only have one rule – never get involved with anyone in the business.

Good thing rules were meant to be broken.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


It Was Always You

by S.L. Sterling

Fresh out of an abusive relationship, Tatum packs up and goes to live closer to her brother, and to make a fresh start. When Parker, the biggest regret of her life, comes back around, she’s immediately divided between giving their relationship another try and protecting her heart.

Parker hasn’t been able to get Tatum off his mind since the night he walked out of her life. Eight years of one night stands and many sleepless nights, the pain of losing her has virtually faded. When he finds out she is moving to town all the emotions from the past come crashing back into his heart. Reluctant at first, he sets his sights on making it work out with the only woman he has ever loved.

Just when Tatum is settling into her new life and relationship her ex-boyfriend becomes obsessed with getting her back, threatening everything they hold dear. Will Tatum and Parker’s love be strong enough to get them through their worst battle yet or will their worlds come crashing down once again?

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Category: Contemporary Romance


Denying the Duke

by Callie Hutton

Lord Alexander Pemberton, second son of the Duke of Bedford, has spent his life being reminded of his less than revered position in the family. So when he loses the love of his life, Lady Patience, to an arranged marriage with his brother, a heartbroken Alex joins the military. Four years later, he’s called home to assume the title after his brother’s death. Though he’s unprepared for his new responsibilities, Alex is stunned to discover that Patience never married his brother. And that he’s now expected to marry her…

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Category: Historical Romance


TYCOON: His Money. His Harley. His Control.

by Maggie Carpenter

He doesn’t want her to know about his wealth. She doesn’t want him to know about her naughty novels.

Mary Austen cannot believe her eyes. Peeking through the curtains she’s watching a biker stride up to her front door. He is tall, muscled and ruggedly handsome. His reason for being there? To collect the lost dog she found. But she has fallen in love with the adorable terrier.

The dog is thrilled to see his owner, and the tenderness of the hunky long-haired man touches Mary’s heart, but upset and unnerved she rails at him for not having his pet microchipped.

Angry sparks fly, and though she hates to see the dog leave, she orders the biker out the door.

Mason Abbott is determined to see the tempestuous young woman again. He found her particularly appealing, and he can easily imagine her over his knee. Such behavior deserves his special brand of chastisement!

But even as he makes plans to pursue her, menacing forces in his business life are about to strike.

If you like sizzling romance wrapped in secrets, suspense and intrigue, you’ll love this new release from bestselling author Maggie Carpenter. If you want your heartstrings perfectly pulled, and your hot button pushed, click the link today.

Publisher’s Note: This was previously featured in a box set for a brief time and was titled The Billionaire Biker. It has been re-edited and features an additional chapter.

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Category: BDSM


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