by Charlotte Howard

Claudia Martins and her boss, Elliot Shepherd have worked together for five years, and have become close friends. After her boyfriend cheats on her, Claudia turns to Elliot for support. But, she’s been offered a job with a rival company – one that comes with the opportunity to climb the corporate ladder and make something of herself, and one that means leaving Elliot behind.

Would you pick a man over your dream job?

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Category: Erotic Romance

An Alien Exchange

by Keri Kruspe

The first book in a steamy trilogy of sexy aliens, feisty heroines, and fast-paced action. Winner of the Best Dream to Nightmare Plot in the 2018 SFR Galaxy Awards!

She volunteers to meet an alien mate. He pines for his birth planet. Can a determined Earth woman and an outcast prince hold tight to forbidden love?

Aimee’s certain the universe will send her a soulmate. So when she agrees to leave Earth forever, she’s thrilled to learn she’ll soon meet the otherworldly match of her dreams. But along the intergalactic voyage, her passion ignites for the sexy alien commander who claims he’s off the market.

Prince Qay longs to return home from exile. And since a relationship with a human guarantees he’ll never step foot on his home world again, he battles his burning desire for the Earth woman’s charms. But within close quarters, the temptation to steal her away from her future suitor grows stronger by the night…

Giving himself over to Aimee’s forbidden love, Qay fears his distraction could turn deadly when he unearths a sex trafficking scheme right under their noses.

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Category: Science Fiction Romance

Just a Little Prick

by Adele Niles

Just a little prick.
That’s what he promised, but when I saw the size of it, I almost passed out.

Of course, I’m talking about the needle Bradley used to give me my first tattoo.
Virgin skin.
His hands on my body.
Marking me. Making me his.
I shouldn’t let him though, because he’s off-limits.
At least that’s what I promised, his sister, Kenzie.
But Bradley is everything I never knew I wanted.
All alpha.
The opposite of my ex, who’s stalking me.
So, when Bradley offered secret friends with all the benefits deal and he’d protect me, I couldn’t turn him down.

And I’ve seen it’s anything but little.

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Category: New Adult & College Romance

Guarding Her Assets

by Chloe Morgan

Danger is my comfort zone.
But it’s not hers.
Somebody wants her dead.
Her curves are a distraction, and she trusts me to get the bad guy.
She needs me to fight for her.
And to put the threat in the ground.
Lucky for her, I always win.
Whatever it costs.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

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