by Anna Brooks

When Polly and Erik run into each other in the most clichéd way possible, it shouldn’t have meant anything.

In his arms, Polly felt safer than she ever has before.

Lost in her eyes, Erik sees a future he’d given up on.

They try to fight it. Try to deny something that neither is prepared for. But when his own insecurities put her in harm’s way, Erik knows protecting Polly’s life is more important than continuing to wreck his.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Bad Boy’s Baby (A Second Chance Secret Baby Romance)

by Samantha West

Mandy crashed into my seaside town with a suitcase and a broken heart.
New York royalty with dangerous curves, a sinful dress, and a tiara perched on her head.
She was looking to mend her wounds with just one thing.
A night with a big, hard bad boy.
So I gave it to her – and I made her every fantasy come true.
Then she disappeared.

He told me to call him Big D.
And he was big, in every way – larger than life, my knight on a rockin’ steed.
He saved my wounded ego the night I caught my fiancé with another woman.
He made me feel things I never dreamed possible.
But the next morning, Big D broke my heart all over again, so I ran.
A month later, I received some shocking news.
Now Big D wants me back – and this is where things get really complicated.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

An Improper Deal (Elliot & Annabelle #1)

by Nadia Lee

My life crashed and burned two years ago, and now I’m a stripper–a very bad one. Worse, I’m in debt to a dangerous man who orders me to seduce a billionaire prodigy. Except why would a guy as handsome and rich as Elliot Reed want me, a girl with no education, no prospects, and a younger sister to feed?

But Elliot is more than the incorrigible bad boy that the world sees. He is kind to my sister and looks at me like I’m a decadent dessert he wants to devour. When Elliot offers me money for sex, I wish I could walk away, but he ups the ante: a million dollars for one year of marriage. The man’s gotta be insane, but beggars with less than a hundred bucks in the bank can’t be choosers, and I want to give my sister a life better than my own.

Now, trapped between a man who controls my future and a man who could own my heart, I wonder if I haven’t screwed up my life even worse when my “husband” refuses to call me by my given name, and I run into my ugly past…and his.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance

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