Challenge to Honor

by Jennifer Blake

The notorious swordsmen of New Orleans—charming by day, dangerous at night…

Horrified at the thought of her brother dueling the notorious swordsman, Rio de Silva, Celina Vallier pays him a clandestine visit. Surely she can appeal to his honor and sense of fair play? Or barter herself for her brother.

Rio knows the lovely and spirited Celina is the future bride of his sworn enemy, the Count de Lerida. What could be more satisfying than to deny him that prize?

Agreeing to the infamous pact is the most daring thing Celina has ever done. It’s also the most dangerous as scandal and vengeance erupt around her. Caught in the tumult, she must decide who to trust: the man who offers wealth and security—or the one who sets her soul aflame?

“Resplendent, bold and seductive.” ~ Mad for Romance Books

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Category: Historical Romance


House of Romance

by Olivia Hampshire

Grace and Claudia own a deluxe, lesbian, hotel resort on a nude beach, 30 from Barcelona Spain. For our description purposes, we will call it, “The Hotel of Romance.”

It took years years for Grace and Claudia to find their own true lesbian sexuality. It came naturally. But then they were both introduced to affluent intelligent, beautiful, world traveled lesbians from all over the planet. They decided to create an environment where lesbians could come together to find themselves, find life and find love.

The House of Romance is kind of like a way upscale, “Love Boat.” You never know who might show up on any given day. You never know what joy, or what baggage they may have. But, whatever day it is, it is an exciting day.

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Category: LGBT Romance


Claiming Cinderella

by Amy Brent

I’m supposed to marry a princess, but f*cking Cinderella will break all the rules.
Promises and commitments?
Nah…that’s not me.
Mom throws a masquerade ball to find me a high society bride.
What a f*cking bore.
But I’m bewitched by the girl without an invitation.
Crashing a celebrity party? That makes my magic wand HARD.
One look into her ocean blue eyes and I know I’m in trouble.
I want to feel her all over, kiss those lips, and have her in more ways than one.
She’s come to my party. I’ll have her coming all night long.
But at midnight she runs.
I grasp her hand. She pulls away.
The ring that she drops is the only evidence that our hot night together did exist.
I have to find the slender finger that fits the ring.
I have to claim… my Cinderella.

This dirty fairy tale will keep you warm tonight and you will fall in love with Aiden Prince, wanting to come with him in his princely bed.

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Category: Contemporary Romance


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