Daddy’s Bad Friend

by Charlize Starr

Someone needs to keep an eye on daddy’s business partner. He screws around and parties like a pro. If he ruins his reputation, the company will go down the drain. So daddy sent me to watch over him. He’s the last thing I need. But he’s the only thing I want. What am I to him? A delicious treat? An innocent virgin? He’s twenty years older than me. He’s absolutely infuriating. But he’s hot. And commanding. And bossy. Especially in bed. And I want more. As if things can’t get any worse, my period is late. Like, really late. I’m playing with fire. What will daddy say?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

New Jersey Boy

by MA Lee

Can one smile change your entire life?
Maddi is spending her first summer as a college student stuck in her small Kentucky hometown. After being burned by her last failed relationship, the last thing Maddi needs or wants is another guy to get in her way.

Just as Maddi believes she is going to have a calm and uneventful summer, a tall, lean, and muscular guy visiting from New Jersey smiles her way. With one delicious look, Maddi is hooked.

Can Maddi find a way to have a summer fling without falling for the hot New Jersey Boy?

Will Maddi be able to say goodbye to her New Jersey Boy when the summer is over without getting her heart broken? Find out what happens with this duo in this sexy and fun novel.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Dangerous Crush: A Rock Star Romance

by Crystal Kaswell

Rock star Kit Lockhart can have any woman he wants… any woman except her.

Piper Strong is tired of being the innocent one. So what if she’s a v*rgin who avoids booze? That doesn’t make her naive. Why is it she’s supposed to know exactly what she wants at only 19? She studies hard. She hangs out with her friends. She tries to date, but she keeps comparing guys to Kit. And no one has his soulful eyes, or his dark hair, or his deep chuckle.

Kit Lockhart is on the straight and narrow. The brooding bassist is fresh out of rehab and ready to resist temptation. Like the feisty blonde who has been crushing on him for ages. His best friend’s kid sister is off limits. Only she’s not a kid anymore. And no matter how hard he tries, he can’t see her as anything but a woman. A woman he wants in his bed. Now.

Kit can’t stop thinking about her blue eyes filled with pleasure. Her pink lips parting with a groan. Her soft body under his…

He’ll get over it. The two of them together equals the end of Dangerous Noise, and Kit’s not about to lose the only family he’s ever had.

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Category: Holidays Romance

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