Brody (Hope City Book 3)

by Kris Michaels

One City… Countless stories.


The love of family meant the world to him, and he’d found his forever girl. She was his everything. He’d never love another like he loved her. Marriage, a house, children. He wanted the whole fairy tale—with her. He dropped to one knee and held out a ring that symbolized all his hopes for a future with her, all his love. In horror, she turned and ran. He tried to go after her but wound up the victim of a drunk driver. It was over a week before he came out of the coma and then the surgeries began.

Ten years passed before he saw her again.


She yearned to see the world, to escape the city that stifled her, that strangled her spirit. She ached to see more, to be more, but there was this boy… She loved him so much. His sudden proposal frightened her. How could she give up her dreams and stay? She panicked and ran. Hours after she’d fled from him, she realized her dreadful mistake. She loved him with all her heart. He was the other half of her soul. All she needed to be happy in life was him Yes…she would marry him. She called until his voice mail was full. She searched for him in all their places—but he wasn’t there. His mother turned her away. Her son deserved better, she said. Weeks later, full of bitter regret, she faced the truth. She’d lost him.

Ten years passed before she saw him again.


Brody King, part of Hope City’s elite JDET team eyed their new DEA liaison, Amber Swanson with locked-down rage. Anyone but her, God, anyone but her. She strode toward him, nervous, but determined. She should be nervous. If he unleashed half of the hurt and anger he felt, she’d be a sniveling wreck in seconds. Why him, why now? This hurt. He still loved her. Had dreams about her. Still, Amber had brutally rejected him, so play nice with her? Hell, no. The less he saw of that woman the better.

Oh, he looked forbidding. Cold. Angry. Amber knew all that was on her. She accepted responsibility as the sight of his handsome face broke her heart all over again. She loved him, still, and he loathed her. It radiated off him. It didn’t matter. There were things she needed to say to him. She could do this. She had to do this. She had to tell him. It wasn’t fair, family meant everything to Brody King. He needed to know he had a ten year old son.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Garland of Pleasures

by Jacquelyn Evers

Pleasure comes with a fantastic price tag on Garland, the only habitable world situated in a neutral star system. Those who seek it are guaranteed a safe outlet for their darkest passions. Those who provide sex-service have been known to leave the world fabulously wealthy if they complete their contract…and survive.

Two adversaries about to become lost in a decadent sex-resort – a galaxy-class bordello – find out that to survive, they have to become more than just friends. They have to become lovers…and convince the ruthless overseers that the illusion is true.

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Category: Science Fiction Romance

Secret Baby

by Sofia T Summers

It was my duty to my country that tore us apart.
But I’m back to make things right again.

Jessie took my breath away the moment I saw her in college.
She was so mine.
But I knew I had to leave for a SEAL mission.
And I didn’t have the heart to say goodbye to her.
It was just a year-long mission.
Until it wasn’t.
We were torn apart for way longer than I’d expected.
Long enough for her to keep a secret from me.
I missed her sweet lips.
Her intoxicating smile.
And I had to have her again.
So I returned, wishing that fate was on my side.
On our side.
And hoping that her little secret doesn’t destroy our second chance.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Slater – The Sabela Series Book One

by Tina Hogan Grant

How far would you go?

Sabela and her ex-boyfriend had always agreed that their relationship would never be permanent. Think of it as a friendship with benefits. So when Davin left for University, they parted on good terms.

Or, so she thought.

When she starts seeing another man, Davin changes the rules and insists she leaves San Diego and joins him in Texas.

Sabela quickly learns that “no” has dire consequences.

Davin’s jealousy weaves a web of lies and blackmail to make her obey. Will she dare to not comply?

Sabela’s new love interest, Slater, has loved and lost before. He’s determined that no one will ruin his second chance at romance with Sabela. But how far is he willing to go to keep Davin’s psychopathic grip out of their lives?

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance

Eve The Sabela Series Book Two

by Tina Hogan Grant

Keeping secrets will isolate you.

I couldn’t wait to become Slater’s wife and was anxious to begin planning our wedding.

After recovering from the horrific situation with Davin, everything was finally falling into place.

Until Eve showed up—a woman from Slater’s past he had refused to talk to me about.

When Eve gave little explanation on why she had left, I questioned her sudden reappearance. Why now? And what was she hiding?

Then Eve made us an outrageous offer, and though I felt threatened by her presence and was now unsure of my future with Slater, it was one that would be hard to refuse. Even if it jeopardized everything we had worked for.

Worse yet, if the secrets she held close were revealed, could our relationship survive them?

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by Lisa Chalmers

There was something about Cillian that drew me in from the moment he took the bar stool next to mine. When we realized we each had a plus one to two different weddings that seems like Serendipity. And then with a layover stranded us together, Fate itself had boldly stepped in to offer me a whole new life…

If I dared.

Did I?

Was spending an entire week alone in a private villa with a man I just met on an airport layover crazy? Yes.

Was I going to do it? Absolutely.

But what happens when the week ends?

Separate lives on separate coasts might as well be a world apart, but if Fate has a say again, anything can happen…

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Category: Contemporary Romance

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