The Accidental Wedding

by Debra Elizabeth

Unemployed Keira Callahan decides to try her luck at the casino before delving back into job hunting. As she walks through the casino, she bumps into the most handsome man she’s ever seen. When he asks her to dinner, she doesn’t hesitate. As she learns Cade Tyndale’s story—he needs to wed or lose his British estate, her impulsive nature rears up and she agrees to marry him and move to England for one year. What does she have to lose except her heart to the impossibly handsome Earl of Barrett?

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Category: Contemporary Romance


by Ria Candro

When Natalie awakens on a spaceship manned by three gorgeous and adoring hunks, she’s convinced she’s dreaming. It’s up to Andros, Leikos and Zafron to prove to her she’s not. And that she’s the perfect mate for all three of them.

Spygian alpha males travel far and wide in search of their perfect partner. And then share their mate in the most delicious, pleasurable ways they can imagine.

But for Natalie, loving these red-hot aliens means leaving Earth. Is she willing to take a chance on a love that’s out of this world?

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Category: Erotic Romance

The Shifter’s Secret Twins

by T. S. Ryder

What do you do when your one-night stand turns out to be your shifter doctor?

Single mom Lana Flores needs a distraction. So when she meets a hot and bossy guy twice her age at a ball, she doesn’t think twice. Shame she’ll never seen him again.

Until she meets her doctor.

Simon Wolfe is a world-renowned doctor leading a breakthrough study using shifter blood. Plus he’s a shifter himself. An incredibly gorgeous one. In the bedroom, he is king. The only women he doesn’t sleep with are his patients. That would be so unprofessional.

Until Lana.

She’s way too young for him. Not to mention his patient. But she makes his Wolf howl.

She needs his help though. And not only because he’s the best doctor. Her twins, cute little girls, have starting shifting into wolf pups. Maybe the doctor can help trace the sperm donor?

But Lana and Simon are in for a surprise. And before they know it, all bets are off…

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Category: Paranormal Romance

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