Lethal Seduction

by Roxy Sinclaire

“If you want me to tie you up, all you need to do is ask.”

Scott thought he had left the horrors of Kosovo behind. Sure, his current CIA assignments aren’t a walk in the park, but they are nothing compared to what he witnessed in ’99. But the past has a pretty nasty habit of coming back to haunt you.

Jovana, the woman who he met in Kosovo and is now more beautiful than he imagined, suddenly shows up in his life. His past and future collide – and as a result – everything changes.

He told himself that this job would be his last. But can he live without the thrill in his life? Can he live the ordinary life of a woman by his side and raise kids? Will he be able to get his last shot at love that he so very much desires? Or will he continue doing what he’s trained to do, since it’s ingrained in his soul?

Lethal Seduction is a romantic suspense novel and is book 1 of the Romantic Secret Agents Series. There is NO cheating, NO cliffhanger, and a guaranteed happy ending!

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance

Deadly Seduction

by Roxy Sinclaire

“She never saw anything like it before. She was amazed, and a bit turned on.”

Laurie takes a liking to Mickey, the new neighbor next door, who is an undercover CIA agent, and thinks he’s just great. Except for the fact that he keeps asking about her stoner of a roommate, who was her brother. This leaves her puzzled and makes her question if something else is going.

Her brother was Mickey’s target. He needed to find out if classified information was being handed over to the Russians.

Mickey needs to find out if Laurie is part of the problem or just plain innocent whose life may be in danger. The only way to do so is to deceive her into thinking he wants her.

But what happens when Mickey actually does fall for her? Will he be able to continue through with the mission? Is Laurie really a traitor? What happens when the Russians do show up and it’s a question of life or death?

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Tied to the Barbarian Warrior

by Abella Ward

I’m tied to a demanding and bossy alien. And there’s nowhere to go…

Kara is the assistant to the Argarian Ambassador. When she covers for the Ambassador’s daughter Nariya in a meeting, she has no idea what the consequences will be.

Before she knows it she is tied to a barbarian warrior. He’s arrogant, demanding and bossy.

And handsome, strong and hot.

Commander Arazor is the head of the Elite Galactic Force. His alliance with the Argarians will be symbolized by his marriage to their Ambassador’s daughter. It’s a political deal, nothing more.

He didn’t count on being betrayed. On being tied to a human.

But there are more important things at stake. Nariya has been kidnapped and Kara needs to bring her back.

Arazor has no choice. He’s bound to protect Kara. Even if that means traveling into dangerous territory.

Even if it means letting her change his cold heart…

Even if it means dying for her…

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Category: Science Fiction Romance

Undead Love

by Lee Sutherland

Undead Love finds itself in the sweet spot where The Walking Dead meets the Romance Genre. Gritty, dark, and sexy, it hits the adrenal gland for all the right reasons!

In their former lives, Rus was a school teacher and Polly was a waitress. In the apocalypse, they are both survivors.

Rus is a rogue with no desire to connect with the outside world. The only company he keeps are the memories of his former life. That is until he meets Polly, the young, fearless wild-card who has joined forces with a family living on a secluded farm.

Polly doesn’t know what to make of this rogue man who has no regards for the rules of her clan. All she knows is that in a world crawling with death, there is something about him that makes her feel alive.

Rus and Polly are caught in a whirlpool of passion and danger as they explore the countryside, searching for supplies. When they find themselves trapped in a cabin, waiting out a violent thunderstorm, the zombies lurking outside aren’t the only thing that threatens to tear them apart.

$0.99 Previously $2.99

Category: Paranormal Romance

Again, Alabama

by Susan Sands

Cammie Laroux is back in Alabama—again.

Dragged back to her small town to help her mother recover from surgery while rescuing the family event planning business should be a cinch. Even for a disgraced television chef, right? Wrong.

Among the many secrets Cammie’s family’s been hiding is the fact that their historic home is falling down. Oh, and the man hired to restore the house, Grey Harrison, is the same high school and college love of her life who thrashed her heart and dreams ten years ago. Yeah, that guy.

Grey, a widower with a young daughter, has never stopped loving Cammie, and when they are face to face once again, the chemistry is off the charts. Cammie may be in full-blown denial, but letting go is no longer in Grey’s vocabulary, even when winning Cammie’s forgiveness and renovating their love may seem like an impossible build even for a master architect and carpenter.

As Cammie finds herself forgetting all the reasons she can’t trust Grey or love again, he finds himself remembering all the reasons he wants her to stay with him in Alabama… forever.

$0.00 Previously $4.99

Category: Contemporary Romance

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