His Sub

by Ellis O. Day

Terry is rich, attractive and all Dom.
His women are successful and experienced in BDSM. Until, he meets Maggie.

She’s a curvy, hot-mess of a woman who obviously doesn’t belong at La Petite Mort Club. She’s a little rabbit in a club full of predators and needs someone to protect her.

When he realizes that she’s a natural submissive and innocent of the kinkier side of sex, he’ll stop at nothing to have. He can’t wait to show her how good it’ll feel when she surrenders to his desires.

Maggie had no idea that the club she was going to was a sex club. Once she finds her friend she’s out of there. When she bumps into a handsome but extremely rude stranger who suggests that they “do it” in the hallway, she tells him exactly what she thinks of him.

When she finds herself in a dangerous situation will the rude stranger save her or will he be even more dangerous than the others?

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Category: Erotic Romance

The Scot’s Secret

by Cecelia Mecca

The Scot
When his brother foists an English squire upon him, Alex Kerr is completely disinterested in training the lad—until he discovers that his new recruit is not a lad at all. “Alfred” is a beautiful Englishwoman in disguise, hiding a horrible secret. Determined to uncover the truth about Clara’s past, Alex agrees to take her with him on a journey across the Scottish border into England. Passion flares between them, but as Alex gets closer and closer to discovering Clara’s secret, their future seems ever more uncertain.

The Secret
For six years, Lady Clara has lived as “Alfred”—a squire who talks little and trusts no one. But everything changes when she agrees to squire for Alex Kerr. Her feelings for him are far from those of master and apprentice. He makes her long to leave her disguise behind. . . except to do so is to risk the lives of everyone she cares about. Will her secret doom the unlikely pair before they have a chance at love?

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Category: Historical Romance

Stay (Odd Jobs #1)

by AJ Alexander

Against all odds, does the dog walker get the girl…

Cole knows he doesn’t deserve the white picket fence kind of life, and he’s always been fine with that, until her. The last thing he ever expected when he knocks on his client’s door is the answer to his deepest fantasies. One look and he knows Addison is out of his league, but that won’t stop him trying to make her his.

Addison never knew if someone’s interest was in her or her family’s wealth, which caused her to keep her guard up. Doubly so when the new dog walker showed up on her cousin’s doorstep with his good looks and sexy smiles. After his relentless pursuing, Addison finds herself wondering if Cole could be someone worth letting her walls down for. That is, until his past rears its ugly head, leaving Addison with the choice to run or fight for what she wants.

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Category: New Adult & College Romance

Love, Eternally, Book One of the Roman Time Travel Series

by Morgan O’Neill

In Morgan O’Neill’s award-winning Love, Eternally, a twenty-first century heroine journeys to dangerous and barbaric fifth century Rome. There, she meets a Roman military commander. Sparks fly and enemies give chase. Will love conquer all?

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Category: Time Travel Romance

Condemned: Volume One

by Gemma James

One lie that sent an innocent man to prison.
One act of revenge eight years later.
One obsessive love.

I was fifteen when I sent the love of my life to prison for a crime he didn’t commit.

Rafe Mason.
Rising MMA star.
My brother’s best friend.

The guy I destroyed with a single lie.

Now Rafe is free and only wants one thing…

Me at his mercy.

And I am. I’m a prisoner on his island, held captive by his deviant desires, bound by his justified fury. Even worse, I’m a hostage of my own treacherous heart.

But the lie I told eight years ago is ricocheting, destroying lives and altering the course of fate. Neither of us saw it coming.

The violence and death.
The betrayal.
The utter destruction that leaves us in ruins.

Redemption seems impossible because we can’t undo what’s been done. I belong to him as much as he belongs to me, and we’ll fight for each other or go down in flames trying.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance

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