Duke du Jour

by Petie McCarty

Jared Langley, thirteenth Duke of Reston, tumbles into a dilapidated fountain in an overgrown section of his ducal estate and awakens in 1816. Reston servants and local villagers think him a dead ringer for his namesake and rakehell ancestor—the seventh Duke of Reston, gone missing at the Battle of Waterloo. Unfortunately, Seven got mixed up with French spies out to assassinate the Duke of Wellington, and an unwary Jared ends up in their crosshairs.

Lady Ariana Hart has loved Jared Langley since she was twelve years old, until the night the rogue broke her heart. Given up for dead, her rakish neighbor makes a miraculous return from France—only he shows up a changed man and threatens to reignite all the feelings Ariana had long ago buried.

Jared is in a race against time. He must waylay the suspicions of his quirky servants and neighbors, get to Wellington before the French spies do, fix his fountain—before Seven shows up—so Jared has a way home, and definitely not fall in love with the beautiful Ariana Hart.

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Category: Historical Romance

Touching Sin

by J. Saman

I know she’s lying the moment I see her.
That her name is as fake as her story.
I found her broken down on the road to nowhere.
Lost. Homeless.
Scared out of her mind.

But when our eyes meet, I know I’m in trouble.

She’s put my entire world at risk.
My reputation. My business. My livelihood.

She is the last thing I need. And everything I can’t resist.
Because Mia brought me back to life.
And I will do anything to save hers…

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Abducted by Magic

by Kelli McCracken

Fate has a way of complicating Katarina West’s life.

When a wounded witch transfers her magic to Katarina, she’s left with a power she’s unable to wield as a human. Along with that magic comes four sexy guardians. They’re willing to sacrifice everything not only for the power she holds but also for Kat, a human strictly forbidden to them.

With their destinies intertwined, fighting fate is going to be a lot harder, especially with a killer on the loose, a killer who’s searching for Kat.

Thanks to a traumatic childhood experience, Kat has avoided her grandmother’s tarot readings and premonitions for years. But now she will need to set aside her fears and embrace that lifestyle again. Otherwise, she may not survive what’s ahead.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

More than ‘JUST’ Friends

by Mia Ford

Jay Wylett: Army Officer, Strong, Charismatic, Perfect.
Also, the man I love.
Wait…did I just say love?
In love with a military man?
No way!
Well, this can’t happen.
I can’t get into the love boat,
For me it’s a sinking ship.
And to prevent myself from drowning,
I agree to a ‘just friends’ kind of arrangement,
The problem?
I think, I am falling for Jay,
And this relationship is turning out to be ‘more than just friends.’
Suddenly, I’m convincing myself that everything’s going to work out just fine,
Even the baby that we made together!

$0.99 Previously $3.99

Category: Contemporary Romance

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