The Medusa Files Collection: Books 1, 2, and 3

by C.I. Black

Every instinct U.S. Marshal Morgan Jacobs has screams she’s dangerous. And all logic says she’s crazy. She couldn’t have killed that man by turning him to stone with her gaze. That’s impossible. Except she has no other explanation for what happened that night four months ago.

But now she’s caught in a game of cat and mouse against a powerful man determined to destroy her and must partner with two mysterious FBI agents in order to stop him. Except both men are too sexy for Morgan’s own good: the dark and brooding Alexander Gage, and the wicked bad boy Lachlin Kincade.

This boxed set includes the first three books in this action-packed dark paranormal romance series: Case #1: Written in Stone, Case #2: Heart of Stone, and Case #3: Escaped From Stone.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

The Empress of Mysth (The Complete Series)

by Meg Xuemei X

Forbidden. Sworn Enemy. Wicked Seduction.

Savage Angels have turned Earth into their hunting ground. To save all earthborn, the Fey princess Rose cedes to the marriage demands of the King of Angels, knowing she won’t survive the wedding night. When she comes to Atlantis to find a secret weapon to banish Angels from our planet, she awakens the darkest lust in the king’s lethal brother.

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Category: Fantasy Romance

The Billionaire Bargain (Paige & Luke)

by Sierra Rose

Jump into this sexy romance from Wall Street Journal and USA TODAY bestselling author Sierra Rose.

Paige: I desperately need some serious bucks to save my sister’s life. I was working late at the office when I happened to overhear an executive talking to his publicist about needing a fake wife to clean up his image. I decided I would be perfect for the job. But I almost lost my nerve when he mistakenly thought I was the cleaning lady. No matter. I have to do this for my sister, to get her the help she needs. So I boldly asked for the position of new wife. I almost died of embarrassment when I found out he was the new CEO of the company. Did I just proposition my billionaire playboy boss? And did he just tell me no?

Luke: I desperately need a fake wife to clean up my image. I was intrigued by the sassy secretary who walked into my office after eavesdropping on my conversation. But I can’t date an employee. It just wouldn’t be right. Besides, money can hire me an actress or a trophy wife at the drop of a dime. The only thing is, I can’t stop thinking about Paige. So I changed my mind, asked her if she would take the job, and she told me no. No woman has ever told me no. I’m determined to change her mind. I know she wants me. I can tell by the subtle bursts of affection she gives me…like a simple swipe of the arm, our flirty conversations, her bashful smile, or our lingering hugs. I was definitely intrigued. Was that little spark turning into something more? I know one thing, I’m not giving up until she’s in my bed where she belongs.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Roommates: A Stepbrother Romance

by Hazel Kelly

Ethan’s been avoiding Jenny since the day she became his stepsister, but when she turns up on his doorstep years later, he’s forced to face the fact that her absence has only made his heart grow fonder…

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Category: New Adult & College Romance

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