by Marnie Leighton

How do you save the soul of the only man you ever loved…when he doesn’t even remember your name?

Killed in a tragic accident, Callie Williams is destined to join the guardian angels, but first she must relive her forgotten past lives.

As her long-buried memories slowly resurface, Callie embraces them all, but everything changes when she rediscovers her lost soulmate, Aydin, and the tragic mistake that ripped them apart.

Obsessed with her need to fix what she destroyed, Callie abandons her heavenly role returning to Earth alone. But Aydin is no longer the man she once knew—the darkness of his past has left its mark, and to bring Aydin’s soul back to the light, Callie must risk losing her own.

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Category: Fantasy Romance

Unexpected Marriage

by Beverly Evans

Accidentally married and pregnant by my brother’s best friend.
The worse part?
I can’t even remember the night it happened.

Weddings are supposed to bring people closer together.
But for me, it ended with a breakup.
I thought I was prepared for the unexpected.
I thought I knew exactly what I wanted.

That was until my brother’s best friend walked back into my life.
Beck, with his captivating blue eyes, and his tall military sculpted body.
The most gorgeous man I’ve ever laid eyes on.
He’s a self-made billionaire, that will do anything to keep me safe.

Finding my marriage certificate in the mail,
Then news of my pregnancy on the same day?
I feel like I’m living in some crazy romance novel…

If only I knew how to tell him about us and our baby.
And if only things didn’t take a more terrible and unexpected turn.
Now, I’m here being held hostage.
Asking myself questions, wishing I had made different choices.
Like… Why didn’t I just listen to Beck?
Or…Will Beck be able to rescue me before it’s too late?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Hatefully Yours

by Kelli Callahan

Five years ago I left Cabot Beach with a broken heart, but I didn’t leave without telling the guy who broke it how much it hurt.

All of my emotion and angst was written in a letter that ended with Hatefully Yours.
Five years later, the guy I never thought I would see again is my new boss.
He doesn’t want to put things in the past or move on.
He wants to destroy me.
Guess what? I feel the same way.

The battle lines are drawn and neither of us intends to play fair.

But there are things I never knew about what happened in Cabot Beach the night my life took an unexpected turn, and finding out the truth may be more painful than losing him to begin with.

This is a full length Enemies to Lovers Standalone Romance.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Knocked Up by Daddy’s Best Friend

by K.C. Crowne

Matthew isn’t just older.
He’s my dad’s friend.
And my new hot boss.

I’ve always been a good girl.
Playing by all the rules.
And I had just the right number of cardigans in my closet.

Matthew, on the other hand, is as bad as they come.
He’s rough around the edges.
And he makes me question…everything.

Like how maybe it’s not a bad thing to finally bring my fantasies about him to life.

But when my fantasy world smacks me in the face…
I’m left wondering if I’m ready to become the mother of his child.
And if he’s ready to see me as more than a wild fling in the office.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

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