Going Pro: Touchdown

by Ashlyn Hope

Going Pro: Touchdown tells the story of a small-town-turned-big-city-girl named Prudence, who goes by the nickname “Pro.” Pro recently decided to become a licensed massage therapist, scrapping the academia route she had previously planned for her life.

After impressing a massage client, she gets a job with one of two professional football teams in town. When she decides to go out and celebrate, she runs into her supposed beau, tongue down another woman’s throat. Pro rushes out of the bar and crashes into a guy on the sidewalk. David, nicknamed “Meat Mountain,” who quickly sweeps her off her feet. He has her out enjoying life for the first time in a while.

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Category: Sports Romance


by Meg Xuemei X

I came to destroy Earth, but then I saw Rose—the Fey Princess promised to my sadist brother. She’s the last woman I should touch, but I want her more than I’ve wanted anyone, so I offer an indecent proposal: sleep with me once and I’ll keep her safe.

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Category: Erotic Romance

Daddy’s Best Friend

by Charlize Starr

He’s dominant, bossy and infuriating.
But also hot, sexy and experienced.
There are so many reasons why he’s bad for me.
He’s daddy’s best friend.
Plus, the biggest playboy in the world.
But I can’t help myself.
I’m falling for him. Hard.
What will daddy say?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

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