Fake-dating the Single Dad

by Agnes Canestri

When a rich single dad teams up with his nanny to save his son’s custody rights it seems like the perfect plan. Too bad that the plan didn’t say what to do when the fake feelings turn all too real…

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance


Captive Monster: Blood Moon Academy Book 1

by Demi Dumond

A hot-as-hell fallen angel, a sexy vampire, and a wolf shifter who thinks I’m his mate. I’ve been warned to stay away from them. That makes me want them even more.
I thought magic only existed in movies. Turns out I was wrong. It does exist, and it’s illegal to use it in the mortal world. Oops. So now I’ve been sent to Blood Moon Academy to figure out this whole magic thing. The problem is, I’ve got three strike against me before even setting foot in a classroom:
Strike 1: I got the lowest score ever on the magic placement test. FML.
Strike 2: A rare blood moon happened the same night I arrived. Which apparently means I’m cursed.
Strike 3: I seem to have woken up a monster with my arrival. Go me.
Captive Monster is a snarky, sexy why-choose romance.

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Category: New Adult & College Romance


Making Lemonade

by Muriel Ellis Pritchett

On her 50th birthday, Missouri Rothman did not get the Tahiti vacation she dreamed of. Half a century old, jobless, and with only a high school diploma, Missouri must take the lemons that life has thrown her and make the best lemonade ever – even if it means traveling to Italy alone to do it.

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Category: Romantic Comedy


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