Reviving Emily (Project DEEP Book 1)

by Becca Jameson

It’s been ten years…
For Ryan it’s been the longest ten years of his life.
For Emily it’s been days.
He spent those ten years developing a cure for the virus she contracted.
She spent those ten years in a cryostat, her life suspended.
She’s not the only one to be reanimated, but she is the first.
The media is surrounding the compound.
The religious zealots are picketing.
But people have lives to live, and somehow they have to move forward.
Ryan still has work to do. People to revive. A disease to cure.
Emily has a blank slate. She can go anywhere. Do anything.
She can’t stay in the bunker. It casts a pall over everyone.
Now is not the time for distractions.
Now is not the time to fall in love.

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Category: Science Fiction Romance

Trouble In A Tight Dress

by Lori Sjoberg

As the head of Six Points Security, Austin Flint can’t afford to be distracted by anything or anyone, and that includes Nina, his cyber security expert. She’s got a chip on her shoulder, a smart mouth. And a body that just doesn’t quit. She’s also his employee, which makes her off limits, no matter how badly he wants her. But when her life is threatened by the Russian mafia, he’ll do what it takes to protect her, even if that means claiming her as his own.

Trouble is, he doesn’t know about her past, and what he doesn’t know might get them both killed.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance

The Determined Groom: Texas Titan Romances (A Hawk Brothers Romance)

by Cami Checketts

A broken football star becomes the trainer to an elite female athlete who can’t decide if she should tell off the flirty billionaire or fall in love with him.
Cambree Kinley is the toughest chick she knows, except when it comes to protecting her heart. Yet how can she resist the billionaire superstar Emmett Hawk? When he pursues her–treating her like gold and making her smile nonstop, only sheer grit can keep her from sprinting toward the Cinderella route again–loving a wealthy man who will dump her like moldy garbage when she offends his high-society friends and family.

Emmett Hawk is more than a rich football player–he’s a celebrity, the face of the Hawk Family fortune, and practically his own high-end brand. When he blows his knee out and can’t play the game he loves, he starts an elite fitness camp where he meets an intriguing woman who is brutally honest. Emmett falls for Cambree but she’s holding back her heart.
Emmett won’t force her to love him but their fierce determination to compete keeps bringing them together, despite Cambree’s best intentions.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

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