She Strays… He Watches: 45 Explicit Forbidden Stories of Liberated Wives and Devoted Cuckolds

by Raven Merlot

Inside are 45 stories of wives living their lives to the fullest and their devoted husbands supporting them all the way. Raven Merlot is a real-life cuckoldress and is proud to present to you 45 of her hottest stories, originally published in 2018.

Come see what goes on in an ideal 21st century marriage!

This book contains stories from the following series:

A Dark and Indecent Proposal
The Cuckold Boss and Office Slutwife
Hotwife’s Revenge!
The Hotwife Bride and Cuckold Groom
The Dorm’s Hotwife MILF
The Frat’s Hotwife MILF
Cuckolds in Paradise
Cuckolding my Billionaire Husband

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Category: Erotic Romance

Dirty Blue

by N. E. Henderson

An oath. A badge. A life. A promise to walk the thin blue line clean. Nowhere in the academy was I prepared for the consequences of falling for the enemy.


I’ve known his name a long time. You’d have to live under a rock not to know of the heartless and cruel reputation the Acerbi family has established. They are monsters cloaked in suits and ties, or so my colleagues in blue have said. Being on the job, you quickly learn to watch your back, trust no one, and as much as I hate to admit this, sometimes that includes a fellow badge.

But to want to kill your own child for being born? Now that’s monstrous. Unjust. And something I will not stand for. I’ll take him down before I allow an innocent to be harmed.

Even if that means not only taking on the most dangerous family in Southern California but bringing down the drug lord they’re in bed with too.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance

The Sound of Love

by Kyle Shoop

Experience the compelling love story between Charlotte and John, as they express thru music what can’t be said in words.

Charlotte and John grew up as young orphans. Each day, they’d sneak out to escape the cold grasp of the orphanage’s tyrant-ruler, by creating an imaginary kingdom together. Years later, Charlotte’s world would be turned upside down when her long-lost friend John is thrust back into her life.

But the years since the orphanage were not kind to John, leaving it hard to open up to Charlotte about the details. So, she reignites John’s love for playing music, finding that his songwriting is the way to help him express what he has difficulty saying. But in doing so, the reunited couple discovers that John’s love for music may not have been the only fire waiting to be rekindled.

Would what began as two children in an orphanage blossom into long-awaited, and much desired, love?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

High Tea & Flip-Flops

by Linda Cassidy Lewis

What could mellow SoCal and high-society London possibly have in common?

Chelsea Cole is only one paycheck away from–OMG–moving back to her mother’s house, which would really suck because she’s trying to catch the eye of the gorgeous Brit who moved into the apartment above hers. Jeremy Pearce is definitely not Chelsea’s usual blond and bronzed surfer type. He’s all sexy long hair, poet shirts, suede boots, and secrets. Lots of secrets. But how will she get close enough to solve the Jeremy puzzle if she keeps humiliating herself every time he’s around?

When drawn together by fate and a pizza, they make a pair that’s hilarious, sexy, and worth cheering for.

$0.99 Previously $3.99

Category: Romantic Comedy

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