One True Mate 7

by Lisa Ladew

Harlan Mundelein, the Knotted Wolf, the soldier at heart who used to be the guy who got things done, is fading. It’s been a long and pointless battle, and he can finally see the day coming…the day that he’ll be eternally reunited with his Eventine. He’s ready and his mind is made up: he is not getting a One True Mate.

His mate is gone.

So why does Leilani, a female who has mysteriously appeared twice in his lifetime, stir his blood in a way that makes no sense at all… especially when he knows she is not his mate?

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Bittersweets – Terry and Alex

by Suzanne Jenkins

A one night stand segues to a weekend of passion, leading to a lifetime of romance in Bittersweets – Terry and Alex.

A Philadelphia lawyer, tired of making the same relationship mistakes, falls in love at last. Beautiful Terry breaks all the company rules when she meets Alex. With the advice of her aging father, Harry, traverses the mysteries of romance and heartache.

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Category: Erotic Romance

Bittersweets – Brenda and Larry

by Suzanne Jenkins

A trip to the emergency room leads to a whirlwind romance for beautiful Philadelphia law student Brenda and ER physician Larry. Head over heels in love with Brenda, nothing can disturb the love he has for her, not even a dark secret from her past.

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Don’t Come Around Here

by Eva Luxe and Juliana Conners

I’m back in town and I want back in her.

I get what I want. Money, fame, status.
Except for the one thing I had to give up: Carly.
We were each other’s first kiss, first f*ck, first love.
Until her strict dad found out and told me not to come around anymore.
I could never forget her curvy body and feisty attitude.
We’re both back in our hometown and it seems the feeling is mutual.
From the way her eyes light up when she sees me,
I know her panties are soaking wet for me.
I just have to get back in them.
She says I stole her innocence and she won’t let me steal her heart.

F*ck that. I take what I want and I want my first love back.

$0.99 Previously $2.99

Category: Action & Adventure Romance

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