Getting Strong

by Elisabeth Mayer

Amazon Verified Review: 5.0 out of 5 stars “Simply put this is one of the best series I have ever read”

Ella’s attraction to Barrett Strong was like none she’d ever encountered. Drawn to him instantly she didn’t think twice about blowing off a critical meeting to spend the next several days in his hotel room. He oozed the perfect mixture of sex appeal and confidence that she could get lost in, and she did.

After turning her inside out, he made a proposition that spoke her language: straight forward and direct, casual, and no strings attached. She was all in.

Then it happened. She fell for him so hard that she started to imagine having things she never dreamed of; romance and love. After an extremely hot night in one of the club’s he’d recently acquired, she made it her mission to have the fairy tale ending.

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Category: Erotic Romance

The Sins of Desire

by Auryn Hadley

We’re taught that people are sinners or saints. Who says I can’t be both?

See, I’m a bad, bad girl. The kind who loves Satan. Falling in bed with the demon of seduction, befriending the demon of knowledge, being guarded by Beelzebub, and making deals with Lucifer? This is what I call a normal day.

Just one problem: good and evil aren’t at all what I expected.

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Category: Fantasy Romance

Kings of Mercia Academy

by Sofia Daniel

Edward, Blake, and Henry are the kings of of my school. They’re cruel, old money, and devastatingly gorgeous. They get whatever they want at the click of their fingers, and now they want me.

Kings of Mercia Academy is a complete, reverse harem bully romance with adult themes. 18+

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Category: New Adult & College Romance


by H. D. Thomson

What would you do if have weeks if not days to live?

Jake Preston races across the country and miles away from Boston to a woman who has no idea what power she has. Hidden away in her house is a formula and the key to an experiment that is killing him. But he isn’t the only one desperate for the formula. A person with their own agenda is willing to kill to get to it first.

Margot Davenport’s quiet life erupts when Jake shows up at her door with news that her brother’s death is no accident.

When people start dying and Margot realizes she might be next, is she too late to vanquish her own demons and a killer? Does she dare trust her heart on a man who has too many secrets?

Her survival depends on making the right choice. Because if she’s wrong, she won’t live much longer.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance

Marriage of Convenience

by Katy Kaylee

She’s going to be my everything.
My wife. The mother of my child.
The reason I get my share of the billion-dollar inheritance.
The problem?
It’s all FAKE.
Sara took me by storm.
Those big blue eyes and that petite waist.
I’m the first man to claim her innocence.
My brain goes out of the window when I touch her pure skin.
Hiring her for the job was a bad idea.
Because fake has turned into real.
And real is crazy as sh*t!
My innocent little woman has a big dark secret.
Is it too late for us to undo the mess that we’ve created?

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Category: Contemporary Romance


by Sandra Heath Wilson

The thrilling story of the Plantagenet princess who cast aside family loyalties and fell in love with King Richard III – and into his bed.

1483, the English court. Lady Cicely Plantagenet is mourning the death of her father. Her uncle King Richard III declares Cicely’s two young brothers are no longer heirs to the throne. Cicely watches helplessly as he confines the boys to the Tower of London and claims the throne for himself. But the throne isn’t the only thing Richard III lays claim to. Cicely should hate her uncle for what he’s done to her family. But in spite of herself, she is drawn to this powerful and charismatic man. Against all her better judgement, Cicely and Richard become lovers. Before long, their relationship evolves into an all-consuming passion. A forbidden love that will put them both in mortal danger. Is all fair in love and war?

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Category: Historical Romance

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