by MacKenzie Stowe

The temperature’s rising in the little town of Easton.
Eliza Gardner never thought she’d come back to Easton – much less divorced, broke and humiliated. But after her husband ran off, she had nowhere else to go…

Nowhere except the small town she grew up in – the one she once couldn’t wait to leave…

Now Eliza is desperately trying to figure out the next chapter of her life – and that’s when she runs into the last person she ever expected to see again – childhood acquaintance Nate Ryder.

Now Nate’s all grown up – and, as Eliza embarrassingly realizes, in all the right places.

Nathan Ryder never expect to run into Eliza again – somebody he’d only ever known as a goofy kid who once played with his best friend’s little sister.

Back in those days, he’d never given Eliza a second look… But seeing her again? After all those years?

Nate’s sure giving her a second look now

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Married to the Alien Admiral

by Alma Nilsson

What does the Alliance want with humans?
Humans are nothing in the galaxy.

After a private meeting between Captain Kara Rainer and the alien Alliance Admiral, it’s settled. The men from her crew will be allowed to return to Earth. In exchange, her female crew being sent to the Alliance Empire on the other side of the galaxy. And Captain Rainer will marry the grey-skinned Admiral of this warship herself.
Kara agrees only because thinks she will be able to escape and then rescue her crew from the Alliance homeworlds. She’s a genius and she’s a risk-taker. What she didn’t plan on was actually liking the way her new husband’s hands feel on her body. So much so, he has come a bit of an obsession for her.
When the opportunity to escape comes, will Kara leave her alien admiral or betray humanity for her own desires?

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Category: Science Fiction Romance

Elevator Shaft: An Erotic Adventure

by Victoria Rush

When Jade is trapped in an elevator with two strangers during a blackout, they quickly find a way to make the best of a sticky situation. In the pitch dark and with the temperature rising, they begin to shed their clothes to stay cool.

As they begin to reveal details of their personal lives, inevitably the subject turns to sex. When Jade asks her new friends what their ultimate fantasies are, they both mention how much they’ve dreamed of a menage.

Before long, the three of them begin acting out their fantasies as they fumble in the dark to explore each other’s bodies. Join Jade as she explores multiple combinations with the sexy trio to help relieve the boredom…

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Category: Erotica

Nothing But Trouble

by Ashley Bostock

Here comes trouble…

CEO of a #1 matchmaking website, Michael Vilander knows all the algorithms for the perfect connection. Yet, he’s nothing, but alone. After all, running a billion dollar company doesn’t leave much time for falling in love. Putting his own company to the test, he meets a sexy and innocent woman online, hoping to land a date for the esteemed Valentine’s Day Gala. But what he gets is so much more than he ever imagined.

Twenty-four year old Sophia Baldwin is in over her head as she tries to makes ends meet. Her dreams of being a nurse are on hold while she cares for her ailing grandmother. Connecting with the charming and sexy mogul changes everything for the drowning exotic dancer.

But Sophia goes too far when she blurts out their engagement to a roomful of envious ears at the Valentine’s Gala. Now, they have thirty days to prove how truly in love they are. Can a month of make-believe turn into something real or will Michael’s past destroy everything they’ve built?

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Category: Erotic Romance

All Shook Up

by Ashley Bostock

Billionaire CEO Cole Carrington knew the only way to check the seemingly downward spiral of his lingerie store was to go undercover. If it was being mismanaged he’d be able to get to the bottom of it. What he wasn’t expecting was to run into Jillian Winters, the gorgeous woman he’d evicted months ago from the same location.

When Jillian gets evicted from the building she rented, she’s forced to shut down her five-star lingerie store. Unable to relocate, Jillian is certain her managing skills aren’t what she believed them to be. Weeks later, Jillian’s pesky sister helps her get a new job—same location, new lingerie store—owned by the handsome stranger who evicted her.

Unforeseen circumstances force Jillian into the management position where she realizes she’ll have the chance to learn from her previous mistakes. But she’s taken aback when a competitor offers Jillian part of her dream again—half owner of a lingerie store. Jillian must decide where she wants to be: working at her hot boss’s upscale lingerie store and helping him succeed. Or working toward her ultimate goal of being an owner again—even if that means taking a step down from the five-star norm she’s used to.

Especially when she realizes that dealing with Cole Carrington on a day to day basis isn’t as difficult as she first thought it might be.

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His Secret Baby

by Natasha L. Black

It’s a simple arrangement.
He needs a green card.
I need a scandal.

The wedding was strictly for show.
I’m used to pretending all kinds of things.
I’m an A-list Hollywood actress, after all.
And Gael?
He’s a lead stuntman on set.
Big biceps, piercing eyes, and an arrogant tone.
I’d be crazy to fall in love with him.
I only need Gael to salvage my reputation.
To divert people’s attention from my recent fake breakup.
Trading one fake lover for another seemed like a good strategy.
Don’t judge me. It’s a common practice in Hollywood.

Saying “I do” was the easy part.
Saying “goodbye” will be the real test.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

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