Finding Evie

by Stella Moore

Adopted into a life of wealth and privilege, Evelyn Berkshire’s ivory tower has become her prison. Her fiancé, the charming, newly elected governor of Oregon, is a monster she is convinced she will never escape. That is, until she meets the sisters she was separated from at birth, and they refuse to abandon her to a life of hidden bruises and fake smiles.

Through her sisters, she finds the pieces of herself she never realized were missing, including the adorably nerdy former Navy SEAL, Jason Campbell. Evelyn is drawn to his quiet strength, and he quickly becomes the rock she clings to when her life spins out of her control.

But when their carefully crafted escape plan takes an unexpected turn, her faith in her new family is put to the test. Can Evelyn trust them to do what’s right, or will she strike out on her own and risk the lives of everyone she loves?

$0.99 Previously $4.99

Category: Contemporary Romance


by Sansa Rayne

Inara has never felt the pleasure of a man’s allure, a manifestation of will that rewards submission. She attends her blossoming ceremony longing to partake in her rite of womanhood, but experiencing allure turns the celebration into a waking nightmare.
Seeking a wife, Sir Cassian has set his sights on Inara. A knight reputed for his charm, he will do what he must to ensure Inara picks him. When she flees her blossoming, he seizes the opportunity to claim her.
Hesitant to reveal the truth, Inara poses as Cassian’s new beau. However, her discovery thrusts them into a sinister conflict. Their search to protect her from allure draws the attention of those intent on stifling the truth, no matter who they have to kill. Pursued by zealous assassins, Inara must choose: hide who she is to protect her love, or fight to expose the secret of allure.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance

Saving the Brother’s Best Friend

by Agnes Canestri

Firefighter Gabriel needs money and he needs it fast. His father’s future depends on it. Too bad the only way he can make it happen is to give in to his rich grandmother’s demand to see him settled. But since he doesn’t have any prospects for a real bride, a fake girlfriend will have to do. And there’s only one woman he’d trust with the job.

Giada has loved Gabriel for as long as she can remember. To him, she’s just his best friend’s little sister. But even though she knows a fake relationship with him will only lead to heartbreak, there’s no way she can turn him down in his time of need. She’ll just have to figure out how to guard her heart against the one man she wants to give it to the most.

The plan is in place. To everyone watching, they’re the perfect happy couple. The only problem? Gabriel suddenly realizes he’s no longer just pretending to be in love with Giada. How can he convince her his feelings are real when he’s been so blind for so long?

$0.99 Previously $3.99

Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance

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