Growler’s Gift: Switch of Fate Prequel

by Lisa Ladew

Love follows no rules…

Growler and Anna begin their lives at the cosh, a place with only one rule: A switch may not favor only one shifter, because it makes her weak. This is a rule Anna has no choice but to break, as Growler steals her heart again and again.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Named and Shamed

by Janine Ashbless

Fairy tales were always thought to be childhood fancies. That is until the fairy folk returned.
As the closest thing to an expert on all things otherworldly, nobody knows better than Tansy the dangers of Them There. But with the world thrown into chaos, and another’s life in her hands, she has no choice other than to accept a magical offer of help.
And as Tansy soon finds out, there is always a price to pay for dealing with the Fairies. A price that may include her own life, if she can’t find the True Name she is looking for. So begins a descent into the wildest realms of Faerie – and into the darkest depths of Tansy’s own out-of-control desires.

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Category: Paranormal Romance

All In

by Cassie Cole

When Sage Parker started waitressing at the Volga she never expected to witness a casino heist. She especially never expected to be part of one.

One corrupt Russian oligarch. Four casino employees with a plan.

$12 million up for grabs.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

Manage Me: A Vagabond Romance

by J.S. Fox

Dakota thought everything was great with her life going as planned: a climbing career, friends, and a fiancé. But the day came when she realized that nothing was what she’d thought, and that was when it all snapped: Dakota finally started fighting back for what she deserved.

True, it had left her without job or fiancé, but Dakota had gotten something back even more important: an opportunity to chase the important things. So when her friend Lauren suggested an off-the-cuff road trip where anything could happen, Dakota agreed, not expecting much; she certainly didn’t expect much from the handsome but rude bearded man she and Lauren met on the beach in San Francisco, who spoke to her with judgement and dismissed her as a Daddy’s girl, not knowing anything about her.

Burnt out from running one of his family’s high-end resorts, Ryan Baxter took over the Baxter Holding’s Hostel project to get a little distance and figure out the important things in his life. Thus begins a few months of self-discovery and beard growing while he plots his way forward. There was no way he could’ve anticipated meeting a very cute, very standoffish brown-eyed girl on the beach who would change his life. But the second he sees her, Dakota has lodged in Ryan’s mind, whether he likes it or night.

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Category: Contemporary Romance

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