by Giulia Lagomarsino

Sinner is a bad boy with a heart of gold. When he meets Cara in a diner after she’s had an anxiety attack and passed out, he needs to know more about her. She has serious issues, but she’s a fighter and Sinner wants to help her push through her issues to become the woman she used to be. He’ll do anything for her, including stand up to his boss and risk losing his job.

Cara used to have a normal life. But that all changed when she was kidnapped by a serial killer. She was the lucky one. She escaped, but now she’s held hostage by her demons and is struggling daily to live life. Who knew that passing out in a restaurant would lead her to the man of her dreams that would help heal her with his comedic attitude and sexy body?

But Sinner’s job is dangerous, and after facing his own torture, how can he be what she needs? Sometimes it takes a damaged woman to show a man he’s still worthy.

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance

Secondhand Secrets

by Angela Castillo

Darcy’s escaping a glitzy life in Los Angeles to run her grandma’s shop in the sleepy town of Wimber, Texas. But every small town has secrets, and Darcy’s about to discover a few she’d forgotten. Like the boy she left behind, with her first kiss still on his lips.
Owning a business isn’t as easy as it seems. But a group of friendly women who meet to talk shop might offer the keys Darcy needs to succeed.
Darcy is determined to push forward, despite the obstacles that cross her path. And maybe love is still waiting on the other side of the shop’s battered old door.
If you love small-town sweet romance, you will love the Miss Main Street series!

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Category: Inspirational Romance

Give Me Another Chance

by Katy Kaylee

I never forgot you, and the way you made me feel that first time.

I never forgot you, even when you left me six years ago without saying goodbye.

You were my brother’s best friend, and I was in love…

I never expected to see you again, but here we are…

I never thought our relationship had a second chance,

And here we are…

Ash Raven – I loved you yesterday, I love you today, and I will love you forever.

Would you be willing to give our love another chance after all this!

Beth McAdams, mother of your daughter, the miracle we created six years ago, and I kept it a secret from you.
OMG… Does that make me a terrible person?

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Category: Contemporary Romance

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